LeBron James Quotes Jay-Z In Cryptic Post Amid Retirement Speculation, Demands Attention

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LeBron James just can’t help himself when it comes to staying in the spotlight.

James and the Lakers will watch the NBA Finals between the Heat and Nuggets from home after getting swept by Denver, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying in the news.

As soon as the Lakers were eliminated, the four-time champion hinted that retirement might be on the horizon. That immediately shifted attention from Denver’s incredible run to LeBron James’ future.

Well, he must have liked it because he just won’t let the topic die.

LeBron James shares cryptic Instagram story amid speculation he might retire. Will LeBron continue playing in the NBA or his career over? (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

LeBron James quotes Jay-Z.

The Lakers star posted Monday afternoon a picture of him from high school with the Jay-Z lyrics, “I’m suppose to be #1 on everybody list. We’ll see what happens when I no longer exist.”

Yes, ahead of an incredible game seven between the Heat and Celtics, LeBron had to post some cryptic lyrics amid retirement speculation.

LeBron James quotes cryptic Jay-Z lyrics. (Credit: LeBron James/Instagram)

Leave it to LeBron to make sure the spotlight stays on him. He just can’t let anyone else have some attention.

The Lakers aren’t even in the playoffs, and the franchise is still dominating the news thanks to LeBron James.

Instead of letting the NBA world move forward with the focus on those still playing, Lebron just can’t help himself. The future hall of famer has to make everything about himself. It’s in his DNA.

The only thing he doesn’t seem interested in speaking up on are the crimes of China. In fact, that’s the one issue he doesn’t seem interested in at all, and if China is ever attacked, LeBron James will be there to rush to the CCP’s defense and attack free speech.

What will LeBron do going forward? It seems unlikely he’ll retire, but the one thing we can guarantee is he will do whatever is necessary to keep all the attention on himself. That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.

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  1. Just as when JayZ no longer “exists”, few will care. I actually look forward to the day when I’m not bombarded with Lebron’s uneducated opinion on everything. I won’t be surprised, however, when Lebron-loving reporters seek him out for those opinions 20 years after his retirement.

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