LeBron Pretends To Be A Tough Guy After Fan Heckles His Hairline

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LeBron James didn’t seem happy with a heckling fan after his latest loss.

The Lakers got rocked 133-115 by the Clippers on Tuesday night. And as he left the floor, the four-time NBA champion was roasted into oblivion by a savage fan.

“Hey, Bron! You better get this sh*t together with that receding ass hairline! Look, he mad! Look at him! You sick,” the fan shouted at the Lakers forward as he exited the floor.

Due to the fact LeBron can’t handle even a little humor, he acted like being held back was necessary instead of just continuing to walk after dropping 10 straight to the Clippers.

LeBron James did his best fake tough guy impression.

You gotta love this reaction from LeBron James. He looked like he was actually considering doing something about this random fan.

Give me a break. He wasn’t going to do anything and we all know it. He just wanted to give the impression he might because he’s addicted to attention. LeBron has never seen a camera he didn’t love.

LeBron James got roasted in hilarious fashion after losing to the Clippers. (Credit: Screenshot/TMZ Video)

Does anyone really believe LeBron James needed to be held back? Of course not. He’s a massive human. If he wanted to go after a guy, a couple tiny security guards wouldn’t be able to stop him.

The fact that this included him getting roasted for his hairline is maybe the best part. LeBron is actually having a nice season, despite the Lakers not being any good. So, instead of taking shots at his stats, the fan went to his infamous hairline.

Absolutely ruthless.

That’s the kind of energy the internet lives to see. Inject that into the souls of the anti-LeBron crowd.

LeBron James got heckled in hilarious fashion after losing to the Clippers. (Credit: Screenshot/TMZ Video)

TMZ reported that it’s unknown if the fan got in any trouble. Let’s hope not. If a little heckling leads to punishments these days, then all hope and fun is lost.

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David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.

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