LeBron James Makes Another Hypothetical College Choice

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LeBron James, whose love for attention rivals that of a Kardashian, did what few besides Coach K could do — he made the much hyped North Carolina – Duke Final Four game about himself. Appearing on ESPN’s MegaCast during the women’s tournament, James insisted that if he had gone to college and had gone somewhere other than Ohio State, he would’ve gone to UNC or Duke.

“In a different world, I probably would have gone…between…and this is going to ruffle a lot of feathers,” warned James. “It would have been between Duke and North Carolina.”

To be fair, James was prompted to say it when Megacast host Sue Bird asked him which college he’d have attended if Ohio State was out of the question. (The Buckeyes had to be removed from the discussion because James has said on numerous occasions that he would’ve played in Columbus, had he not decided to forego college for the pros.)

Unsurprisingly, James picked the biggest rivals in all of college basketball who, coincidentally, just squared off in the Final Four. According to projections, that game was the second highest viewed college basketball telecast in history.

In the past, James has also hinted that he’d have gone to Kentucky, rather than the pros. But during Sunday’s women’s national championship game, he reiterated that if not for OSU, “it would have been between” UNC and Duke.

So that narrows it down. James’ college choice would’ve been between his home state Buckeyes, or blue bloods Kentucky, UNC, or Duke.

Something tells me that if UCLA and Kansas were playing, they would’ve somehow found their way into James’ what might have been.

Fortunately, LeBron opted to skip college and head to the NBA, sparing us all from another Decision.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Fortunately, LeBron opted to skip college and head to the NBA, sparing us all from another Decision.

    Apparently he made the right move. He’s a BILLIONAIRE now. What have you done with the decisions you have made? I’ll wait

    • Well, I squander what little money I have paying for a subscription to a sports/political site I hate so I can talk about how delicious LeBron’s penis tastes between posting semi-literate racist screeds.

      Oh wait, that would be you.

    • Not a billionaire, yet. Made most of his money selling shoes produced with child and slave labor. Without exploiting children and slaves he would still have over 400 million. Yeah, great decisions.

  2. Oh would he? WOW. I’m so enthralled with LeBron’s college choice. Almost as much as when he claimed he would be a star tight end in the NFL if he didn’t play basketball, right after he complained that he didn’t like playing center because “its too rough in the paint.”

    FUCK. THIS. GUY. He should live in a house of mirrors so he can be with the one who loves him most.

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