Irate LeBron James Loses His Mind After Crucial Missed Call, Leads Patrick Beverley To Pick Up All-Time Funny Technical Foul

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LeBron James had every reason to be upset during Saturday night’s game against the Celtics and the NBA agrees. A missed call at the end of regulation led the 38-year-old to lose his mind, which prompted Patrick Beverley to pick up one of the most unique, and funniest, technical fouls of all-time.

With four seconds left in regulation, Boston guard Jaylen Brown was fouled while knocking down a short jumper. He went to the line and made the game-tying free throw with four seconds left.

That gave the Lakers time to draw up a play for the win. Los Angeles talked things over and put the ball in bounds to James.

The four-time NBA champion took possession at the top of the key, drove through the lane with Malcolm Brogdon on him defensively. As James entered the key, he had four Celtics defenders within arms reach.

LeBron James went up with his left hand and was hit on the arm by Jayson Tatum.

No foul was called, wrongly, and James was irate.

Had the foul been called, which it should have been, James would have gone to the line with a chance to take the lead. Instead, the game went to overtime.

Almost immediately after conclusion of the extra period, the NBA had already determined in its postgame review that the officials got the call wrong. James was furious for a reason and Beverley came to his defense in the funniest way possible.

James was clearly fouled by Tatum, and it was caught on camera by anyone who filmed and/or photographed the final play. Beverley took matters into his own hands, found a photographer on the sideline, borrowed his/her camera, and brought it to the official as proof of the error.

The official, of course, did not appreciate the unsolicited assistance. Beverley received an unbelievably funny technical foul for his antics.

Los Angeles went on to lose by four in overtime. It could have won the game in regulation if the foul on Tatum was called properly in real time. But so is basketball!

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