LeBron James Calls Out NBA Media For Making Up Return Timeline

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LeBron James is calling out the NBA media for running with loose-lipped reports on his return from a foot injury.

The 38-year-old Lakers star, who’s been sidelined since February, hit Twitter hours after he was reportedly re-evaluated for the injury.

Word then began to spread that James may be back for the Lakers as soon as Apr. 4’s game against the Utah Jazz.

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James openly called out outlets, which undoubtedly includes ESPN and The Athletic, for forecasting his return without any real insight from LBJ’s camp.

“There wasn’t an evaluation today, and there hasn’t been any target date for my return,” James tweeted. “I’m just working around the clock, every day (3X a day) to give myself to best chance of coming back full strength whenever that is. God bless y’all sources. I speak for myself!”

While LeBron’s antics off the court can’t get overdramatic, this call-out was fairly refreshing.

As more marquee athletes like LeBron and Aaron Rodgers set the record straight on the “source” guys that actually have no clue what’s going on.

What we know is the Lakers have been without LeBron since his tendon injury on Feb. 26, amid a battle to reach the play-in tournament or better seeding in the West. The team has stayed afloat: going 7-5 in LeBron’s 12 missed games.

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The Lakers have nine games left and are barely hanging on with the 10th spot in the West. While it’s nice for LeBron to call out the media, he’ll also need to be held accountable if the Lakers miss the postseason.

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