LeBron James, Always Taking A Stand, Suspiciously Sitting Out On Topic Of Vaccine

When it comes to the possibility of being vaccinated, LeBron James has decided to shut up and dribble.

Or in the words of the Lakers star himself, James said that vaccination to fight COVID-19 is a “private” matter to be discussed with his family only.

Keep in mind the NBA has been asking its brightest stars to push the idea of being vaccinated. Also keep in mind that James has promised not to keep quiet on important matters, such as politics and social justice.

So the fact he is being wishy-washy in answering the question about vaccination is fairly peculiar. He intends to be a leader in the community … until he doesn’t.

The problem here, of course, is plenty of NBA players have made it clear they don’t trust the idea of vaccination and its perceived long-term effects. And if they haven’t made it clear, they have said so privately, behind the scenes.

Another interesting aside: James said this is a “family” decision. But kids aren’t eligible to receive to the vaccine. So that makes it an “adult” decision.

James has every right to question the vaccine. He has every right not to want it. But he knows no matter what answer he gives here or whatever he decides to do, an audience that he so values will be deeply offended and angry.

It seems many people from both major political parties support the idea of vaccination. Clearly, the NBA, as a business, does and is hoping to get its stars to push that agenda. But a large contingent of NBA players — and professional athletes in general — want nothing to do with it.

The Undefeated recently ran a report that stated half of black adults do not want and will not take the coronavirus vaccine. Soon thereafter, the ESPN-owned website ran an interview with the NBA’s lead medical expert, Dr. LeRoy Sims, espousing the virtues of being vaccinated.

So LeBron’s decision to stay silent on the issue is a major kick to the NBA’s crotch.

Again, that is LeBron’s right, but it also seems fairly hypocritical from the man who founded “More Than An Athlete,” which promotes itself as “more than a platform.” It is “empowerment, it’s storytelling, it’s about inspiring other people.”

All of that is just dandy. But James acts like the world needs his opinion on every topic outside of basketball. He will tell you whom to vote for, but not whether he supports the vaccine. Funny how that works, no?

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. Clearly LeBron is only outspoken when it will benefit his bottom line. Otherwise, its crickets. The Queen is as fake as they come. Speaking out against the vaccine is not politically popular amongst the CCP or his fake woke followers on social media. Its a business decision.

  2. Still waiting for “always taking a stand” James to comment on the oppressive chicom regime and what they are doing to Hong Kong and the imprisoned Muslims where they are harvesting body parts from those people. He is an arrogant really ignorant racist self serving ugly POS the writer here I guess missed the chicom silence from this idiot smfh

  3. 1. ***Another interesting aside: James said this is a “family” decision. But kids aren’t eligible to receive to the vaccine. So that makes it an “adult” decision.***

    Does he not have other adults within his family, e.g. wife? This interesting…tidbit?…doesn’t add anything.

    2. Who cares what he thinks or doesn’t think about the vaccine? I hate this mentality that people have to have an opinion on everything. Him having opinions on race / China doesn’t mean he has to discuss the vaccine or other world topics.

    People demand to know more about his opinions on China because he felt it was important enough to criticize Morey when he spoke out. LeBron opened that Pandora’s Box. You can’t close it. He has gone mute for nearly two years. I don’t know if he’s embarrassed to admit that he’s wrong, on a gag order from Adam Silver, or what. Whatever the case, it makes him look weak.

    • He is weak and fake. LeBron is as superficial as the Khardashian Clan. He only “speaks out” when it helps his bottom line. The Queen doesn’t take any stand that will possibly affect his pocket book or his social media clout.

  4. He’s just like CNN not covering Cuomo. He doesn’t talk about China but because in his world, thats just not done. Also, who knew that he might be an anti- vaxer?? I thought that all patriotic Americans realize that the vaccine is safe now that the bad man orange man is no longer in the WH. Sorry Lebron, you’re just not pulling it off.

    • I’m good with not hearing his opinion on anything. LeBron bows to the CCP while being silent on Hong Kong. He spews about young black men “literally being hunted” by police while being silent on the LA County sheriff’s deputies who were severely injured in an ambush shooting. I do enjoy hearing opinions from Candace Owens who considers Lebron “pea-brained”.

  5. The only thing I will give LeBron credit for is that he must listens to his advisors. He isn’t smart enough to figure anything out on his own so he does what he is told to do to maximize his wealth. So he is told when it is ok to speak and when it isn’t. He was blessed with the physical skills which make him elite at putting a ball through a hoop. For whatever reason some people think this makes his opinion worth listening to on topics outside of basketball. As Common Sense mentioned hopefully this a start of a new trend where he will keep his mouth shut.

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