Leaked Wisconsin Volleyball Photos Came From A Player’s Phone

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Nude photos and videos of the Wisconsin volleyball team originated from a player’s phone.

The Badgers team has been in the news since a ton of sexual content of the team hit the web. OutKick has decided to not share or link to any of it.

It has now been determined the source of the material came from an unspecified player’s phone, according to The Daily Mail. However, police do not believe the player purposely released any of the material.

University of Wisconsin police department responds to the situation.

“We’re looking into what happened and who may have shared these photos. None of the players are being investigated and we are looking at the possibility that one of their phones was hacked,” UW-Madison police department Executive Director of Communications Marc Lovicott told The Daily Mail.

He further added, “This is a unique case because of the high profile of the girls involved and our detectives are working on this case as a priority. Our department has worked on cases like this before but many of them involve people threatening to put intimate photos online – blackmail. Nothing like that is suspected in this case and again, this case is unique because of the high profile of the players.”

The revelation comes after the athletic department announced last week that the authorities were investigating where the pictures came from.

Police respond to leaked photos of the Wisconsin volleyball team. It’s possible a player was hacked. The content did originate from a player’s phone. (Credit: Wisconsin Athletics)

In some of the photos and videos, members of the Wisconsin Badgers volleyball team can be seen exposing themselves. It’s important to note that the footage wasn’t taken secretly. The women in the photos and videos were very aware of the fact they were being filmed.

It’s also unclear who all had access to the footage and photos. It’s not known if just one member of the team had it or if multiple members did.

Leaked nude photos and videos of the Wisconsin Badgers volleyball team came from a player’s phone. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

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