Latto’s Used Panties Nearly Sold For Six Figures Before eBay Pulled The Plug

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Rapper Latto tried to auction off a pair of her used underwear on eBay and nearly raked in six figures before the site put an end to it.

Hey, believe it or not, even eBay has some level of decorum.

As it turns out, the rapper’s decision to sell a pair of spent skivvies wasn’t the start of some kind of new business venture. It was, as so many things are these days, a stunt to get back at a Twitter troll.

Seriously, can’t people just sell their undergarments for the love of the game anymore?!

It all started when a Twitter user called Latto out for wearing the same pair of drawers twice.

I thought that was standard operating procedure, but this did not sit well with at least one person.

Well, since Ms. Latto had been informed that throwing on the same pair of panties is a no-no, she had to clean out her drawers drawer. She threw the offending thong on eBay with a starting bid of just $0.99.

That’s a bargain for a pair of celebrity underwear (not that I’d know… *eyes get shifty*). However, the price quickly skyrocketed until all of a sudden, it looked like Latto would be hoofing it down to the UPS Store to ship her pre-owned panties to one considerably wealthy creep.

However, eBay stepped in and put an end to the auction. The reason? The site has some regulations sellers must adhere to when it comes to selling used clothing. One of those rules is that selling used underwear is a no-no.

That’s because… well, why do think that is?

eBay sent a statement to Insider about taking Latto’s listing down.

“eBay is committed to maintaining a safe and vibrant community by ensuring goods sold on our platform comply with our policies, including our health and hygiene standards,” they said. “Listings that include used underwear are prohibited under our used clothing policy.”

Well, even though she doesn’t get $100,000 for a pair of her underwear, at least the stunt got Latto some press.

Before this story, you probably had no idea who Latto was. Now, she’s the woman who may have just stumbled across a new business opportunity.

Just not on eBay.

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