Latest College Campus COVID Statistics Show No Death, Nearly Zero Hospitalizations

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College students continue to test positive for COVID-19, but there’s been zero death and just two hospitalizations due to the virus, according to research done by author Andrew Bostom, who also provides references for each university mentioned in his post. The University of Wisconsin reported on September 16 that a student had been hospitalized, adding “students and staff are not required to report if they have been hospitalized.”

The other hospitalization, according to Bostom’s research, was at San Diego State. San Diego County epidemiologist Dr. Eric McDonald said the students “who are getting COVID are in the group that actually [recovers] very well. “So they are tolerating this well. The issue is we don’t want them spreading it to others,” he added.

Meanwhile, CNN spent today publishing doom and gloom headlines about COVID on college campuses.  “Many schools ultimately decided to welcome students back, informing their communities that new safety precautions are in place, and Covid tests remain at the ready,” CNN reported.

“But the safety measures weren’t enough — there are now more than 40,000 cases of Covid-19 among students, faculty and staff at colleges and universities nationwide,” according to a CNN tally from earlier this month.

Nowhere in CNN’s report is it indicated that there are two known COVID-related hospitalizations and zero deaths.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Dang mind numbing its like the flu which it is the at risk population are the elderly especially with underlying health issues and like it says younger healthy people recover nicely. These young healthy athletes there really shouldn’t be any concern unless of course a political element is involved which is what is really driving all this nonsense.

  2. Joe, has anyone at Outkick done a comprehensive study on the reported 200,000+ deaths? I’m not a COVID denier, but I question how valid that number is. Many of the deaths were the elderly and people with underlying conditions (i.e., people who died “with” COVID vs. those who died “of” COVID). People are born and die every day (the cycle of life), but seeing this number gives the impression that none of these people would have died if it wasn’t for COVID. Please correct me if I’m wrong or simply misunderstanding things, but I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who’s thinking this.

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