Raiders Hire First Black Female President In NFL History, Sandra Douglass Morgan

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The Las Vegas Raiders have made NFL history announcing the hiring of Sandra Douglass Morgan as the team’s new president. Morgan is the first black female to hold the position of team president in the NFL.

Prior to being named team president, Morgan was the first person of color to serve as chair of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. She was also the first African-American City Attorney in the state of Nevada.

“It is the honor of a lifetime to join the Raiders at one of the most defining times in the team’s history,” Morgan said in a statement shared by the team. “This team’s arrival in Las Vegas has created a new energy and opportunities we never dreamed possible. I look forward to taking this team’s integrity, spirit and commitment to excellence on the field into every facet of this organization.”

Morgan also addressed the “recent challenges” the Raiders have faced in a letter she wrote to team employees on Thursday.

“I’m well aware of the recent challenges this organization has faced,” Morgan wrote, in part.

“Let me be clear — I am not here to avoid or sidestep problems or concerns that need to be addressed I’ve given long and thoughtful consideration to joining you, and I’ve done so because I believe in the promise of the Raiders. Most importantly, I believe in your core values of integrity, community, and commitment to excellence. I will expect you to embody those and to hold me accountable to doing the same.”

Morgan takes over the role of president after Dan Ventrelle was let go back in May.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. I’m really looking forward to the day when we don’t report skin color. Outkick should embody this sentiment imho. So ridiculous.

    The content of one’s character is far more important than the color of their skin.

    Sounds like this woman is very accomplished. Just win baby.

    • Yeah, I agree. I’m pretty jaded on all the “first ever” announcements. I think most of us out there are for every walk of life getting a fair shake, but it feels like we’re being beat over the head with it.

      Good for her though. She definitely seems like a genuinely qualified person for the job and not just a token hire solely for the sake of diversity and “history”. It’s like the opposite of Joey B selecting Kamala.

      And to be fair, Sandra looks blasian. So, shout out to all the Asians out there too.

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