Mysterious Lights Spotted Over Las Vegas Amid Nonstop UFO Chaos

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Las Vegas is back in the news for unexplainable events.

Sin City, a favorite location for many OutKick readers, has been the epicenter of UFO chaos ever since a family claimed to see massive creatures in their backyard after seeing something fall out of the sky.

While there’s zero proof aliens touched down in Vegas, police in the area also admitted to seeing something in the sky.

For now, that mystery remains unsolved. Well, there’ a new mystery to dive into and it involves bizarre lights in the sky.

Mysterious lights spotted over Las Vegas.

A video shared by Big7 Media appears to show two massive lights hovering over Las Vegas at some point last week.

It’s not clear at all what the lights are, but at one point, it appeared to be just one light before splitting into two.

It’s a fascinating video to say the least. Give it a watch below.

What is going on with this situation? Is a UFO to blame?

I’m going to go ahead and rule out UFOs for this video. Feel free to disagree, but that’s my stance for now. Why doesn’t this appear to be a UFO situation?

More than likely, based on previous videos, those lights are either large drones or possibly lights being fired up from the ground in Las Vegas.

Mysterious lights spotted over Las Vegas. (Credit: Getty Images)

There’s simply not a lot of movement at all. The lights are hovering. Not flying. That means it’s likely being beamed up from the ground or drones are responsible.

A third option could be a helicopter over Las Vegas, but it’s hard to imagine a helicopter would cause so much light to be displayed.

It’s also important to keep in mind there are multiple military bases in the region, including Nellis Air Force Base just to the north east.

What was in the sky over Las Vegas? (Credit: Getty Images)

Now, could it be something else that was captured on video over Las Vegas? For sure, but right now, I’m not ready to put this video in the category of more mysterious ones.

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