Las Vegas Aces’ Sydney Colson Given The Jamal Adams Treatment, Gets Locked Out of Building

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Welcome to the Las Vegas Aces’ brand-new maximum security training facility, where even team members have trouble gaining access.

One Aces player had herself a Jamal Adams-type hiccup as she tried getting into the facility in Henderson, Nevada, on Monday several times without any luck.

History Repeats Itself With Las Vegas Aces’ Sydney Colson

Caught in the hilarious moment was 33-year-old Aces point guard Sydney Colson.

Spritely walking up to the new facility, Colson was ready to put in a day’s work but kept getting denied access at the door. Yanking on the handle several times, Colson soon began to question if she had been cut from the team — months after winning the WNBA championship.

“Am I cut?” the team vet asked.


Fortunately, the door opened after several attempts and Colson let out a sigh of relief.

The scene harkened back to when former New York Jets safety Jamal Adams was unable to gain entrance into the team’s facility in 2020.

It was eerily similar.

Access or not, the Aces’ facility — the first-ever training establishment built exclusively for a WNBA team (a first in 27 years) — has some pretty sweet perks.

The 64,000-square-foot facility neighbors the Las Vegas Raiders’ HQ near the Henderson Executive Airport and features unique high-tech gear for the Aces.

According to Yahoo Sports, the specs of the Aces’ new facility include “two basketball courts, cold and hot plunge pools, hydrotherapy equipment, an infrared sauna, a cryo chamber, a team shop, a weight room, a nutrition bar, a film room and more.”

Only the best for the reigning champs.

The WNBA season tips May 20. Hopefully, Colson won’t have trouble getting into that season-debut against the Seattle Storm.

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