Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Heats Up During Weeknight Dinner Date

It must be Scottie Pippen’s week with his kids, because it’s his ex-wife’s week with Michael Jordan’s son.

Larsa Pippen, who spent nearly 20 years married to MJ’s hall-of-fame teammate, dumped out her ass-ets Monday night during a romantic dinner date with Marcus Jordan, 31, who calls himself an “entrepreneur” on Instagram.

Cameras were ready to roll when the new tabloid darling couple entered Swan restaurant, a 3.5-star “modern European” that draws in the crowds with its burrata and short rib dishes.

The mother of four, including Scotty Pippen Jr., a rookie on the Los Angeles Lakers, wore a rather revealing dress net outfit that 99% of the mothers out there wouldn’t dare wear on a Monday night out.

Larsa Pippen, 48, steps out for a casual dinner with Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, 31, at a Miami hotspot.
Larsa Pippen, 48, steps out for a casual dinner with Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, 31, at a Miami hotspot. / The Mega Agency

Remember, Larsa Pippen is in the early stages of a relationship with a powerful member of the MJ clan. She has limited time to dominate the tabloids and if that means wearing a sheer curtain, then so be it.

This woman is competing for eyeballs in a world dominated by her former friend Kim Kardashian. Those two have been feuding on and off since 2020 after a wild incident where Larsa “shaded” Kim during an episode of Real Housewives of Miami.

All hell broke loose and Larsa and Kim ended up de-friending each other on Instagram.

You’re damn right it got wild.

By late 2021, the icy situation seemed to be thawing out between the two. “Honestly, Kim and I are in a good place. I love them [the Kardashians], I love her. I wish nothing but great things for them. I feel like they wish nothing but great things for me,” Ms. Pippen told Entertainment Tonight.

Real Housewives of Miami cast member Larsa Pippen wore a sheer curtain on a date with Marcus Jordan. / The Mega Agency

So what’s the play here? Why Marcus Jordan?

The easy answer: Reality television.

Larsa goes out and creates a fake relationship — Marcus Jordan…OMG…now I have to watch!  — and heads out on random Monday night ‘dates’ because this is her job. It’s like a member of the Kardashians dating a power forward for the Clippers.

Marcus has plenty of time on his hands. He has money. Famous name. Stylish guy.

You’re hired!

They make out on the beach. They have romantic dinners. One of the other Real Housewives attacks (planned, of course) Larsa for robbing the cradle, Larsa sticks up for herself, Marcus keeps his mouth shut because he’s not there to talk.

Boom, we have at least one episode in the hopper.

Larsa Pippen could’ve had a nice, quiet Monday night at home watching Wheel of Fortune and eating Chinese takeout, but she’s a reality star and reality stars cannot stop creating content. / The Mega Agency

Written by Joe Kinsey

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