LAPD Asks Residents To ‘Cooperate And Comply’ With Robbers

Manners are always appropriate. You know, when you’re on a date, speaking to a teacher, paging through a library… Am I forgetting anything? Oh, that’s right. Always use manners when robbers have broken into your house and have begun carting away your stuff.

That’s the message the Los Angeles Police Department is pushing these days — “follow home robberies.”

Home robberies in the greater-LA area have been on the rise lately — gee, I wonder why — and now the LAPD is asking robbery victims to remember their manners and to “cooperate and comply” with the felons.

Whatever you do, “do not resist.” Of course.

Amid a rash of robberies, the LAPD has put their heads together and devised a plan. Not a plan of attack for putting an end to the robberies, but a plan for robbery targets to follow in order to make the thefts run more smoothly.

Within the LAPD’s community alert safety bulletin are a number of helpful tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, ensuring there’s nothing unusual before getting out of your car or leaving a restaurant, stores, malls or clubs.
  • When in public, be cautious of displaying purses, jewelry, watches and other luxury items.
  • All suspicious activity should be recorded and reported to police. When possible, write down the descriptions of any suspicious person and/or vehicle.

Additionally, the police department suggests you don’t follow or chase the assailant(s). Instead, do your part and “be a good witness.”

Between the mask mandates, the restricted dining, the remote learning for kids and the unmannerly home invasions, it’s hard to understand why so many California residents are fleeing the state. But for those who have elected to stay, please remember to hold the door for your neighborhood thieves. The police would appreciate it.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. After your robbery/assault is over, instead of being rude and attempting to contact a police officer and file a police report (don’t be a Karen!), be polite:

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