Language Larceny: College Warns Students Not To Use Oppressive Words Like ‘Picnic’

The hypocrisy has always been the point.

Keep that in mind as you read the latest liberal drivel coming out of an elitist Northeastern college. Apparently students at Brandeis University now need a trigger warning for the phrase “trigger warning.” Some made-up coalition of leftist water carriers have decided that a number of benign phrases, including “trigger warning,” “rule of thumb,” and even “picnic,” reinforce systems of oppression and should be outlawed, or something. To much of America, these ridiculous hostage negotiations for language sound insane. But before you roll your eyes and toss this latest example of liberalism-gone-wrong aside, let’s take a look at what these small battles, continually perpetrated by the left, really mean for society today.

The woke hyperbole machine, which has slowly been chewing up freedom and regurgitating it as the seeds of “equitable” tyranny, is not actually being driven by collective insanity. The foot soldiers of the movement—the looters, the activists, and the disgruntled college Marxists—have been fully indoctrinated by a small faction of incredibly intelligent puppet masters at the top of the leftist hierarchy.

Stop calling them crazy. They are carrying out the largest ideological heist in the history of mankind: stealing the world’s first truly free country away from its own citizens without firing a shot.

By making benign language offensive all of a sudden, and then elevating offensiveness (especially racial offensiveness) to the level of criminality, they are setting that precedent that any dissidence to their ideology is punishable by force.

Of course the leftist leaders know that stigmatizing a word like “picnic” is blatantly absurd, and that their little minions who clamor for these types of things are the saddest excuse for an army is world history. But again, this war isn’t being fought with munitions. All the puppeteers need to do to win is to create an alternate, mirrored version of reality in which normal people with no interest in fighting a war of words suddenly feel guilty for simply existing.

The only way to create this fraudulent reality is to change the meaning of language and eliminate context from our discourse. Without context, there can be no grace, and without grace, regular folks change their behavior in order to survive.

Society becomes reliant on dishonesty instead of integrity, all because a few people at the top know that transforming America into a welfare state would usher in a new generation of power and prosperity for themselves and their cohorts.

The hypocrisy has always been the point.

Right now, towing the leftist line scores you social points only with other lefties. However, the dishonesty is bleeding into other aspects of society with more tangible consequences, like job opportunities and education. Unless the war on language is thwarted, the dishonest, hypocritical rhetoric of the left will eventually preclude average American from holding any job at all. Maybe even owning anything at all. Like citizens staring at a naked emperor in his ‘new clothes,’ Americans will be forced to lie by their silence as the oligarchy parades through the town square, all-powerful and absurd.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. Michelle Obama, 2008: “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

    Barack knew because he knew what the puppet masters wanted, and he agreed with them. It’s been right in front of us for many years.

    • From an article on NY Post:

      According to the Oppressive Language List, the word picnic “has been associated with lynchings of Black people in the United States, during which white spectators were said to have watched while eating.”

      Lol, how did they know that’s what I was referring to when I use the word picnic? fuckin idiots…

      • I’ts not even logical — to have a “picnic” while someone is lynched – the purpose of “lynching” was never “entertainment,” but retribution (justified or not).

        They are just making stuff up now.. when they “cancelled “Aunt Jemimiah and Uncle Ben for no reason other than they were black, that was when I said the whole lot of this is illogical and should be ignored.

        Never forget: Apparently, Everything is racist, so just move on.

      • Like Johnnycatt said, that doesn’t make any sense. Weren’t lynchings committed by hooded figures seeking anonymity to avoid capture and prosecution, or at least top avoid revenge by the victim’s friends or family? Plus, such a thing would require a fair amount of notice to the residents of a town, which would alert the target of the lynching that its time to go.

        Sounds like revisionist history. Or at least conflating public hangings, which were widely attended by the public, with a lynching.

    • I was kinda hoping they would ban “woke punk assholes” so I could say it, and know for sure I was politically incorrect. Now I will just have to say “woke punk assholes” and wonder if “woke punk assholes” is offensive or the proper use of “woke punk assholes”. Just trying to stay current. Things change so rapidly these days. There is a “woke punk asshole” under every “woke punk asshole” rock.
      Carry on. Nothing to see. America Matters.

  2. I was picnicking at he company picnic where hundreds of other picnickers were picnicking. It was 80 degrees with low humidity. What a glorious day for picnicking, dare I say the best day for a picnic. We also had corn on the cob which is probably the best picnic food ever.

    Did I mention we were at a picnic? 😂😂😂😂

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