Lane Kiffin Sounds Off On NIL Deals, ‘Salary Caps’ And Texas A&M

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The Ole Miss football program held its signing day press conference on Tuesday afternoon, and Lane Kiffin spoke with the media.

What we took away from this presser is that Kiffin is not a big fan of how NIL is being used in college football. He also touched on the transfer portal, which he called “free agency.”

“We basically have year-round free agency in football, which would obviously be a major issue, which is why they don’t do it in professional sports, in the NFL. It is what it is. We’re just trying to make the best of the rules and situations”

Kiffin also expressed concern about how much money and resources some schools in college football are spending, compared to others. Several times during his press conference, Kiffin used the term “salary caps” when describing what is happening right now around college football.

“We don’t have the same funding and resources as some of these schools do for these NIL deals, so it’s basically like dealing with different salary caps. We now have a sport that has completely different salary caps. And some of these schools are, like, whatever, five to ten times more than what everybody else can pay the players. I know nobody uses those phrases, but that is what it is.

“I joked the other day I didn’t know if Texas A&M was going to incur a luxury tax with how much they paid their signing class,” Kiffin added.

Towards the end of his remarks, Kiffin brought up the fact that the NFL knows what they are doing when it comes to these types of issues, and that it’s up to someone in college football to step up and try to govern the current landscape.

“Look to people that have done it a long time, they know what they’re doing. The NFL knows what they are doing. It’s not open free agency all year round for a reason. You’ve got long-term contracts for a reason, so kids can’t leave at any point of any year at any time…

“So, what would the NFL look like if there were a couple teams in the NFL if their salary cap was 10 times more than everyone else’s salary cap?” Kiffin asked. “So, that’s where you’re headed. So they’re gonna have to do something. Or I guess they don’t. But, it is what it is.”

I think it’s safe to assume Kiffin will do all that he can to try and even the playing field, if he stays in the college game. But right now, it’s a problem that he’ll have to deal with until someone establishes some type of rules about how this new era of college football will be governed.

Good luck with that.

Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. Lane Kiffin is a polarizing figure so Kiffin-Haters will do what they do. Of course he (LK) is 100% correct. It IS wide-open No Law West of The Pecos in Power5 World now.
    The goggle-eyed jackwads that will disagree are NOT the deep pocketed boosters that must “dig deep” to build their programs “NIL war chests”. They are the “Wal-Mart fans” who simply piss & moan if “their damn team” don’t win so he gets bragging rights over his jackwad buddies.

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