Lane Kiffin Sells Out Ole Miss Yoga Class

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Lane Kiffin has a fully booked yoga class at Ole Miss this upcoming Tuesday.

The famous coach of the Rebels recently advertised a yoga class with him for just $20 (not refundable), and all people need to bring is a mat, water and a great attitude.

There was room for 250 people to stretch their muscles with the Ole Miss leader, and every spot is already taken.

If you follow the link shared by Kiffin to buy tickets, you’re greeted by a message announcing the apparently highly-anticipated event is booked up.

Lane Kiffin sells out yoga event. (Credit: Ole Miss Sports)

Lane Kiffin continues to be a content machine.

There’s a lot of things you can say about Lane Kiffin, but the one thing you can’t ever say is that he doesn’t pump out content.

The idea of an SEC football coach leading a yoga class is legit hilarious. Imagine Nick Saban out there doing a little upward-facing dog (I know my yoga terms) or child’s pose?

Just sit there and try to imagine that for a second. Imagine in your mind Nick Saban or Kirby Smart doing some back stretches with 250 strangers? Can’t do it, can you? Yet, it seems very on-brand for Lane Kiffin. I have no problem thinking about it. He’s an offensive wizard, and it seems probable he’s going to be an awesome yoga instructor/leader.

Lane Kiffin sells out Ole Miss yoga class. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

On behalf of OutKick, allow me to apologize for not getting one of the squad members down to Oxford to take this. A firsthand experience would have been incredible. Now, we’ll just have to wait to see how some of the reviews are after the fact. Either way, Lane Kiffin remains a king in the world of college football.

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