Lane Kiffin Responds To Jimbo Fisher’s Angry NIL Rant With One Simple Emoji

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Lane Kiffin appears to be fed up with Jimbo Fisher’s ramblings about Name, Image and Likeness. The fourth-year head football coach at Ole Miss jabbed at his SEC West counterpart on Thursday after some extremely ironic comments about the current state of recruiting in college football.

Money has always played a significant role in the sport, but that is the case now more than ever.

Where programs used to entice recruits with under-the-table payments (ie: Eric Dickerson), it is no longer a secret. NIL allows collectives and boosters to float financial opportunities as a reason to play for a specific program.

Coaches are not involved and nobody can say “we will pay you X amount of money to play here.”

Instead, it is presented as “X amount of NIL money exists if you play here.” A very grey area.

Of the NIL-rich programs, it is no secret that the Aggies are among them. Texas A&M has the second-largest student population in the country, which means that it can tap the second-largest alumni base in the country and ask them to open their wallets.

This all goes to say that the NIL funds in College Station are significant.

Lane Kiffin has thoughts on Jimbo Fisher’s NIL concerns.

After Early Signing Day came to a close on Wednesday afternoon, Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media.

I knew eventually there would be pay-for-play, but I did not know it would be NIL like it came about. The problem with all of it is that there is no consistency and rules. And then when you get into the (transfer portal), there is so much tampering going on. It is utterly ridiculous. It is a joke. It’s an absolute joke. We are only in college football.

— Jimbo Fisher during Texas A&M’s Early Signing Day press conference

Kiffin reacted to Fisher’s comments on Twitter with one simple emoji that says it all — 🤦‍♂️.

To make things even more interesting, Kiffin’s reaction comes just two days after Texas A&M flipped Ole Miss’ only quarterback commit in the Class of 2023. Marcel Reed, a four-star prospect from Nashville, had been verbally committed to play for the Rebels since April.

He decommitted on Tuesday night and then re-committed to the Aggies. While there is no official record, and those around the situation say “he just felt more love there,” the general understanding is that Texas A&M presented a greater opportunity to profit through NIL.

Kiffin responded to Reed’s flip with a pair of timely retweets. The meaning behind them is open to interpretation.

Lane Kiffin RTed Marcel Reed asking “What’s the word? #NIL”

Need more be said?

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