Lane Kiffin Floats A Proposal For Players Whose Conferences Canceled Fall Football

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Lane Kiffin floated a proposal this week for players whose conferences — the Pac-12 and Big Ten — have canceled fall football and would like to play immediately. Kiffin thinks the NCAA should allow those players to go find a school that is playing this fall.

“Kids are having their schools or their conferences deciding to shut down, so they can’t play, and a lot of them have a lot of money on the line with the next level, or they just want to play their last year,” Kiffin said on SEC Network. “So it’s really unfortunate that the NCAA is not allowing them to transfer and be eligible immediately. We’re being told that won’t even go into a waiver process, so I feel really bad for those kids. It’s not their fault. Why can’t they come play somewhere? That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Where would the money come from to add them to teams? I guess you figure that out later. How would it affect scholarship levels? Figure it out later. Kiffin says he asked the SEC about this exact scenario and was told no special waivers would be approved and graduate transfers (here’s where the uncommitted grad transfer portal stands as of Wednesday) would be the only players allowed to roll into an SEC campus without having to sit.

Meanwhile, the NCAA is awaiting final approval for a plan that would allow fall sport student-athletes to “compete in any amount of competitions this year and it will not count as a season of eligibility,” according to Pete Thamel.

If you thought there was chaos in college sports right now, wait until you have seventh-year seniors competing in 2021. It’s going to get real odd out there, but it’s college football and we’re all pretty used to this by now.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Hey Joe,
    Wouldn’t Kiffin’s idea turn into a clusterf*ck?
    Too many boxes to check off logistically, red tape-wise, socially, destroy team chemistry…
    C’mon Lane…C’mon man!!!

  2. Conference Covid decisions may not impact current player transfers much, but I have a feeling it will significantly impact recruiting classes and commitments for next year. If you’re a high school senior stud deciding between a covid lockdown school who might be in the same place next fall versus an SEC, Big 12 or ACC school who are committed to play, you know it’s going to sway decisions. This will kill recruiting of top prospects for the Big 10 and Pac 12.

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