Lane Kiffin Responds To Brian Kelly’s Ruthless Trolling With Some Very Wise Advice

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LSU fans might want to heed Lane Kiffin’s advice after a little trolling from Brian Kelly.

Following a big win over Ole Miss, LSU’s official Twitter account fired off a tweet trolling an old Kiffin tweet mocking his dancing recruiting videos.

After waiting for revenge since early 2022, Kelly finally got to shoot back on and off the field against Kiffin.

However, Lane Kiffin thinks Brian Kelly and the LSU Tigers might want to slow their roll because they might be shooting themselves up with some rat poison.

This was an excellent response from Kiffin. Brian Kelly and the LSU Tigers whooped up on Ole Miss on the field, and then proceeded to nuke the head coach of the Rebels on Twitter.

I can’t stress this enough. Brian Kelly waited nearly 10 months to respond to Lane Kiffin taking a shot at his recruiting videos.

Once he finally had the opportunity to light up the Rebels on the field, he did it and then took to Twitter after the fact. It’s just the latest example that college football is undefeated when it comes to content.

Having said all of that, Kiffin is also 100% correct with his response. LSU got a great win. The Tigers looked amazing against the Rebels.

However, once you start buying into the hype, we all know what can happen. Usually, those stories end in disappointing fashion. It just takes a little rat poison to derail everything.

Lane Kiffin responds to Brian Kelly’s trolling. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

The bad news for LSU is a matchup with #6 Alabama is on the horizon. Time to stop focusing on Twitter and start focusing on Nick Saban.

Written by David Hookstead

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