Lane Kiffin Buries Reporter Six Feet Under With Kindness After Entirely False Report About Auburn Job Sparked Panic

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Lane Kiffin is not one to mince his words. The 47-year-old may not be as old as some of his SEC or college football counterparts, but he has lived a lot of life and no longer tries to be someone he is not.

Although Kiffin isn’t afraid to speak his mind, he tries to focus on the positive. Even when he’s pissed.

Auburn fired Bryan Harsin on Halloween last fall. Kiffin was linked to the job on The Plains as soon as he was let go. He was the Tigers’ top target.

Kiffin ultimately ended up staying at Ole Miss, but not before a report stated that his move to Auburn was imminent. Jon Sokoloff, the sports director at a northeast Mississippi news station, does not have a finger on the pulse of the state and falsely reported that the Tigers got their guy.

Somehow, for some reason, the tweet is still up.

Kiffin proceeded to bury him, and then signed a contract extension to stay with the Rebels. Sokoloff will never have any credibility in the Magnolia State again as a result. It was a catastrophic blunder.

Five months later, during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Sokoloff was caught in the crossfire once again. It just so happened to take place in person this time.

Lane Kiffin killed Jon Sokoloff with kindness.

Kiffin was asked about the lingering effects of the Auburn rumors after spring practice, on the first day that Sokoloff was back in Oxford. Rather than ripping the reporter over his fake news, Ole Miss’ fourth-year head coach took a positive approach to burying him six-feet under.

Sokoloff’s untrue report sparked panic amongst the Rebels fanbase, which directly correlated to an increase in donations to the school’s NIL collective. Kiffin recently spoke to that notion during a larger conversation about how he runs his program.

Kiffin, with a big smile on his face, doubled down on Wednesday and thanked Sokoloff for his role in the mayhem. To say that there was a hint of sarcasm would be an understatement, though what Kiffin was saying is ultimately true. Sokoloff’s fabricated report directly led to a larger NIL fund.

Kiffin is very calculated at this point of his career. He knew exactly what he was doing on Wednesday and Sokoloff took a beating, again.

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