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Damar Hamlin hopped on social media

Bills safety Damar Hamlin continues to make improvements. On Saturday, as the NFL resumed games for the first time since his collapse on Monday Night Football he took to social media.

Hamlin had a message for his hundreds of thousands of followers. He was thankful for the many people from all different backgrounds who came together to pray for him.

Hamlin acknowledged the long recovery ahead for him and asked for continued prayers.

There’s a lot riding on Week 18

The final week of the NFL’s regular season is here and there is a lot riding on the outcomes of these games. There are four teams, who are currently on the outside looking in, battling it out to see which of them get to sneak into the final two playoff spots.

Settling those finals spots isn’t the only thing riding on this weekend’s games. There are seeding implications on the line as well. In other words, there are several teams with a lot to play for.

Saturday got things started with the No. 1 spot in the AFC on the line and a win and your in game to clinch the AFC South.

The Chiefs played with their food and made easy work of the Raiders in Las Vegas. They even dispatched a pre-snap “Ring Around the Rosie.”

The play went for a touchdown, but was called back due to a penalty. So they regrouped and punched it in again on their way to a 31-13 win and the No. 1 seed in the AFC. As for the Raiders, their suffering is over. It was the eleventh loss of a miserable season.

Next on the schedule was the battle for the AFC South between the Titans and Jaguars in Jacksonville. It was a close game throughout. A fumble returned for a touchdown on a third down play late in the 4th quarter of a three point game sealed the win for the Jaguars.

Unfortunately my team is not one of the teams with anything to play for this week. They’re a poorly run organization and will be watching the postseason from their couch.

Good luck to those of you whose team still has something riding on the outcomes of Sunday’s action.

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