Lamar Jackson Requests Trade From Ravens, Breaks News By Announcing It On Twitter

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Lamar Jackson has officially asked the Baltimore Ravens to trade him, according to a source. That source being Lamar Jackson.

Yes, Jackson took to Twitter on Monday morning to let the world know that he is done playing football in Baltimore.

“As of March 2nd I requested a trade from the Ravens organization,” Jackson wrote, in part. “The Ravens has [sic] not been interested in meeting my value, any and everyone that’s [sic] has met me or been around me know I love the game of football and my dream is to help a team win the super bowl.

“You all are great but I had to make a business decision that was best for my family and I.”

Despite the request, Ravens coach John Harbaugh still expects Lamar to suit up for team. He called the trade request “an ongoing process,” a short time ago.

Lamar Jackson uses trade request to Ravens as PR play for personal brand, and that’s smart

Among many interesting factors here is the timing. Jackson says he requested the trade on March 2nd. That was over three weeks ago.

But, he chose to make that news public on Monday, March 27th. Why?

Pure speculation, but it seems like a Monday morning — best time to break news — on the week of the NFL meetings would drum up the most interest.

Likely former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson smiles at the media.
Likely former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson smiles at the media, most of which he knows he can play like a fiddle. (Kim Hairston/The Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

The NFL media is gathered and NFL team officials are speaking publicly this week. OutKick’s Armando Salguero is covering those meetings and will bring the latest, including reaction about Jackson’s announcement.

Not only that, but he announced it right as Harbaugh began his media availability. Coincidence? Certainly not.

Lamar Jackson does not have an agent, regardless of who claims to be speaking on his behalf. And it’s crystal clear that he doesn’t need someone to play the media game for him.

When it comes to media savviness, Jackson is quite adept. Now that it’s become public information that he wants out of Baltimore, fans of other teams will be clamoring for his services.

I’ve written in the past why I think a long-term deal for Jackson is likely an overall bad business decision. But there’s no question that he makes most NFL teams better next season.

And that’s what fans care about. Next season.

Now, Jackson has put pressure on 31 other teams to make a move.

Say what you want about Lamar Jackson’s limitations on the football field — I certainly have — but the man can straight-up play the personal PR game.

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  1. Will Lamar Jackson get more from a new team than what the Ravens already offered him? I would guess yes, only because the thirst for QB’s is just ridiculously high right now. The bigger question is will he get a fully guaranteed deal similar to Watson in Cleveland. I would guess no, because I do believe the owners don’t want to open the flood gates of guaranteed contracts for QB’s yet. But he may get a smaller deal for less years Fully Gauranteed. Let’s see how it plays out.

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