Ravens Offered Lamar Jackson Surprisingly Little Guaranteed Money: REPORT

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The Baltimore Ravens reportedly offered Lamar Jackson a surprisingly low amount of guaranteed money.

Jackson and the Ravens are currently engulfed in chaos as everyone waits to see if a long term deal can be hammered out. John Harbaugh recently guaranteed the dual-threat QB would return, but it remains to be seen whether or not that’s a bluff.

However, a recent report from Ryan Clark won’t give fans much hope. The former NFL player and current ESPN personality reported Sunday the Ravens opening offer included only $113 million in guaranteed money. That number eventually came up to $133 million, but never went higher, according to the former Steelers DB.

Is Lamar Jackson worth more money?

Currently in the NFL, there are six QBs who make more than $133 million in guaranteed money. Two more – Matthew Stafford and Dak Prescott – are just under that number.

The six north of it are Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

Does Lamar Jackson deserve to be mentioned in the same category as all eight above? Well, after the season Russell Wilson just had, there’s no doubt Lamar can match him. Given the issues with Kyler Murray, the same can probably be said there. The Ravens star puts up monster numbers when healthy and has already won the MVP award by the age of 26.

The Ravens reportedly didn’t offer Lamar Jackson a ton of guaranteed money. Will he remain with the franchise? (Jerry Jackson/The Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

However, Lamar also has issues of his own when it comes to staying healthy. He only played in 12 games each of these past two seasons.

It’s tough for a franchise to invest $130 million or more into a guy with a proven history of missing games with injuries. Jackson might want to be paid like Deshaun Watson ($230 million fully guaranteed over five years), but he comes with massive red flags surrounding his health.

Will Lamar Jackson stay with the Ravens? All eyes are on his future. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)

If Lamar Jackson decides he’s not signing a long term deal, it could turn into a franchise tag situation or he could be cut loose. That’s what fans are now waiting to see. It could be a very chaotic few months in Baltimore.

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  1. Burrow will structure his deal similar to Mahomes. Burrow and Mahomes know that cap flexibility is important for long term success. Dumbasses like Kyler, Lamar, and Deshaun just want to max out their money while the rest of the team will be a bunch of hacks.

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