Lamar ‘Cramp’ Game, Browns Fans Absolutely Devastated & Pfizer Vaccine Enters To Goldberg Theme

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That was a vintage Cleveland Browns game

So much hope. So much promise. So many penalty flags. So many back and forth moments. If you feel like a majority of Browns fans are fat and bald, that Monday Night Football performance was the cause of much of that. Imagine the stress. Imagine the number of calories consumed over six hours — one hour of pregaming, four hours of regulation, and then one hour of hate eating before bed. Beer after beer to ease the pain and maintain the buzz.

And then Justin Tucker from 55. Heartache, heartburn, pizza rolls go into the microwave. I’m not even a Browns fan, but I know a ton of them and I know how they operate. They knew the division was within reach. They knew a home game in January was a real possibility.

The clueless people out there think the sad Browns fans you see below were burned on the gambling line taking the Browns -3.5. They’re absolutely clueless as to why Browns fans are sad. It’s the pain they have in their hearts after so many tragic moments over their sporting lives. They’re lying when they say LeBron winning them a title took away the pain. Cleveland forever lives and dies by what the Browns do on the field or in the draft.

• I heard the MNF crew talking about Heisman quarterbacks who’ve won the Super Bowl and didn’t hear who those QBs were. Turns out Roger Staubach and Jim Plunkett are the only two who’ve done it.

• Congrats to Domino’s workers. Workers at corporate facilities are getting $1,200 holiday bonuses this year. Normally I would say don’t blow it all at once, but Costco has a beautiful 85″ Samsung crystal UHD TV for $1,299. I stop and stare at it every time I walk into the local store.

• Kristi Malzahn is taking the firing of her husband, who is owed $21.5 million, in stride. She posted on Facebook: “Spending this first day, of a new normal, focusing on my God and His kindness and faithfulness. Our last day, as the Auburn coach, started with our son in law graduating with his masters, and now all 4 of our ‘kids’ have degrees from AU and we are so proud and thankful. The day ended with a win and smiles on the players faces and dancing in the locker room (🤦🏼‍♀️). He is good, faithful and kind and I am grateful for my memory of that last day. War Eagle & God bless!”

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