Former Marine Chugs A Beer From A Prosthetic Leg During Lakers Game

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A former Marine stole the show Monday night during the Lakers/Pacers game with the help of some beer.

Annika Hutsler was attending the game, and decided to absolutely house a beer from her prosthetic leg. Hutsler had her leg amputated due to issues with a tumor in her foot, according to TMZ.

Fire up the video below and watch her dominate her ice cold adult beverage.

Being a Marine is pretty badass. I think we can all agree on that, but being a one-legged woman who hammers brews out of a prosthetic leg might be equally as badass as her military career.

As we all know, Marines are cut from a different kind of cloth. They’re all known for having chippy attitudes and cutting loose in a fashion that would put most rock stars to shame.

Former Marine Annika Hutsler chugs a beer out of her fake leg. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Once a Marine, always a Marine, and clearly Hutsler hasn’t lost her spirit or drive that helped her be a member of the world’s greatest military.

Anyone who houses a beer publicly out of a fake leg is always a grade-A person to us here at OutKick. Throw in the fact she was in the Marines and this might be the most pro-America story we see all week.

Former Marine Annika Hutsler drinks a beer out of her fake leg. She lost her leg due to issues with a tumor. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Props to Hutsler for letting people know there’s still at least one person left with an edge in this country. I’ll drink a beer with her whenever she wants!

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