Lakers NBA Title Vegas Party Included Six-Figure Ace Of Spades Bottle, Seemed Boring

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Poor LeBron. China’s lapdog and the Lakers took over Marquee at The Cosmopolitan Saturday night for their NBA title celebration, but the content coming out of the party makes it look more like an MLS team celebrating a title, not the most storied franchise in basketball history. Maskless LeBron (get him, libs!) walked in with the Larry O’Brien Trophy and headed straight to a cabana. That’s the only highlight to come out of the big celebration.

One person posted a video of J.R. Smith taking over the DJ booth, and some NBA dorks are trying to turn that into a big moment. Nice try. That’s the best that the Lakers can do after winning their 17th NBA title? Compare that to the Tampa Bay Lightning taking Lord Stanley jetskiing, and you can see that the NHL wins the award for the best COVID title party of 2020.

Perhaps LeBron, 35, is just getting too old for the Vegas celebration scene. Maybe he wants to spend more time downtown where he’ll get better comps on his slot play. Many of us have hit that stage in life when we view the Vegas pools as a waste of time and prefer the off-Strip experience at Red Rock Casino to the outrageous prices and sea of 20-somethings on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Lakers did celebrate with what appears to be a “Midas” of Ace of Spades, a six-figure bottle of champagne that’s surely out of range for most Strip tourists. But it’s also the same way NBA teams have been celebrating title victories for decades.


LeBron probably couldn’t stop thinking about going downtown to play craps at The D and suck down a couple of frozen daiquiris. They’re free as long as you keep playing.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Don’t forget about the shrimp cocktails downtown! I think shrimp cocktails would have livened up this party.

    I hope LeBron doesn’t catch Covid leaving his mask at the bubble. Oh wait, the CDC reported that 70% of Covid cases wore their masks at all times.

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