Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Latest Celeb To Endorse Voting for Democrats Ahead of ‘Red Tsunami’

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The Dems are so frightened by the thought of a red tsunami that they’re calling up personalities deep on the celebrity bench to endorse their candidates.

One of those reserves is Los Angeles Lakers legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson. He tweeted his support for Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer on Monday, on the eve of a high-stakes fight for the Michigan governor’s seat between Whitmer and Republican challenger Tudor Dixon.


“I hope that Governor Gretchen Whitmer gets another four years as Governor of Michigan!” Johnson tweeted on Monday.

He joined the rush of celebrity endorsements pouring out as Dems inch closer to their dismal fate on Tuesday.

Magic’s gonna have to pull a rabbit out of a hat and tens of thousands of fake ballots to put Whitmer back on the governor’s seat …


“Tell me you don’t live in Michigan without saying you don’t live in Michigan,” one Twitter user responded.

“I’ve been waiting for another billionaire to tell me how to vote,” another critic said.

“I’m not even a Michigander and still feel better knowing she’s in charge,” one Tweeter joked.

The 63-year-old Johnson was scheduled to appear at a Whitmer rally in East Lansing Monday night — he last appeared on the political stage in 2020 during then-candidate Joe Biden’s presidential campaign trail.

Whitmer has been grilled for her poor job as Michigan’s governor.

Facing several issues that have gone unanswered by Whitmer, such as draconian COVID lockdowns, skyrocketing crime rates and enforcement of progressive gender ideology — referring to women as “persons with a period” — the Michigan voters’ wrath is well on its way to oust their inept governor.

Violent crime offenses in Michigan jumped 12.4 percent in 2020, compared to a 5.6 percent increase nationwide.

“We’re done with Whitmer’s violent crime wave in the state of Michigan,” GOP challenger Dixon said in a rally with former President Donald Trump, as relayed by “We will protect every community.”

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  1. Democrats were once the party of the blue-collar working class and Repubs were the party of types like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. That is clearly no longer the case. Nothing says party of the people more than billionaire celebrity endorsements from Hollywood. Just look at his son. Tells you everything you need to know about Magic.

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