Lakers Great Robert Horry Pulls A Clay Travis, Gets Tossed From High School Game After Telling Ref ‘You Suck’

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Robert Horry, better known as “Big Shot Bob,” and OutKick founder Clay Travis apparently have quite a bit in common. Aside from being rich and ever-present on your tv’s (or mobile devices for you kids out there), both have been tossed from their son’s games by overzealous zebras.

What, you thought I was going to say they both have good tans and flawless jumpers?

(Full disclosure, I’ve never seen Clay shoot, but I bet that jumper’s wet).

A ref gave Horry the heave-ho on Friday night from his son’s game in Flintridge, CA.

The reason? Big Shot Bob gave the referee an unflattering opinion relating to his work on the whistle. “You suck,” shouted Robert Horry in video obtained by TMZ Sports. “Hey ref, you talking about me? You suck! Oh, you’re mad at me because I said you suck,” questioned Horry before being shown the exit.

Robert Horry Played 17 NBA Seasons, Mainly With The Lakers

Wondering what had Horry channeling his inner Clay Travis?

-For those that don’t know (first off, where you been), Clay got tossed over the summer when he dropped an F-bomb during his son’s travel baseball game.

Horry, a 7-time NBA champion, was all fired up because his son, Christian, had been whistled for his fourth foul. This happened during the third quarter in a game between Christian’s Harvard Westlake squad and St. Francis.

Sounds fancy.

But that’s neither here nor there.

SAN ANTONIO – MAY 7: Robert Horry was tossed from his son’s game on Friday night. (Photo by: Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Horry was arguing the call from the top of the bleachers, where the 6’10 father, shockingly, blended into the crowd.

TMZ’s video doesn’t show the ref directly engaging with Horry (couldn’t they have paid for the unedited director’s cut?), but Big Shot Bob quickly made his way to the court, within earshot of the official. Words were exchanged, and (presumably) more heavy clapping commenced. Soon after, Horry made his way out of the gym, but not before stopping to give Harvard Westlake’s coaches a few pointers.

I have no idea if Harvard Westlake won, nor do I care. All I know is that my son has three youth basketball games this weekend and I’m fired up. Hell, at the risk of sounding stereotypical, you could say I’m now full of piss and vinegar! After watching Horry get tossed and thinking back to Clay slingin’ F-Bombs on his son’s behalf, I’m ready to get ejected. Or at the very least, T’d up.

So help me God if some whistle-happy 20-year-old punk decides this weekend’s the time to start calling defensive three seconds…

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Written by Anthony Farris

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