Laid Off Bud Light Workers Already Finding Work At ‘Pro-American’ Companies

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Laid of Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light workers are already finding work at self-described “Pro-American” companies.

When one door closes, they say …

“We hope that this results in more and more positive actions that hopefully send a strong counteracting message to the actions of Bud Light over the past few months,” said Michael Seifert, the CEO of PublicSq., one of two conservative businesses who have opened said door.

“It’s pretty amazing to witness this parallel economy that’s emerging that’s based upon meritocracy and excellence.”

Bud Light workers laid off by Anheuser-Busch finding work.

Anheuser-Busch continues to suffer Bud Light backlash

Public Sq. and RedBalloon are the two organizations swooping in to scoop off recently laid off Anheuser-Busch workers, of which there were many.

AB announced last week that it was laying off 2% of its U.S. workforce, primarily corporate and marketing roles.

Conservative job board RedBalloon and patriotic online marketplace PublicSq. immediately published an open letter to the unemployed Bud Light workers, offering to help them find new jobs at “pro-America businesses.”

“We’re sorry that Anheuser-Busch leadership prioritized left-wing ideology over sound business practices,” the letter said. “You are the ones that suffer for Bud Light’s disastrous decision.

“People like to say ‘go woke, go broke’ and in reality, the economic consequences rarely fall on the wealthy liberals that make the woke decision. Both PublicSq. and Red Balloon will distribute your resumes to our respective networks of tens of thousands of pro-America businesses.”

Not a bad little fallback plan! Seifert told Fox Business earlier this week that they’ve already received “quite a few” resumes.

“I can tell you that we have placed some incredible interviews and are very excited that the ball is rolling down the court with more than a few of these folks,” he added.

On top of that, several former Bud Light employees have apparently voiced their displeasure with the company to the CEO.

“(They’ve told me) very explicitly and clearly that the values at the top of Anheuser-Busch that have led to marketing decisions like this do not represent their employee base,” Seifert said.

They’re not alone.

Bud Light sales have plunged for four straight months, with experts warning of a coming “reset” at retailers across the country. Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley predicted earlier this week that Bud Light could lose shelf space this fall amid the backlash.

“Hattersley said on a conference call with analysts that retailers are already reallocating space to other brands during shelf resets that take place in the spring, with more resets to come in the fall,” the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. “In bars and other on-premise channels, the company gained more than 12,000 tap handles in the quarter, he added.”

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