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Craft beer company founder Nick P. in GA woke a sleeping giant — Value Beer Guy is furious!

The big news out of Tuesday Screencaps was the Letter to the Editor from Auburn fan Nick P. who co-founded Wild Heaven Beer in Atlanta. Nick wanted the floor to invite Value Beer Guy to “a better party.”

Well, Value Beer Guy wasn’t having it out of Nick P. even after he extended an olive branch by offering up a FREE beer to any Screencaps reader who shows a bartender Nick’s editorial in Tuesday Screencaps.

Guys, that offer still stands, go get one of those freebies at the Avondale Estates location. Don’t say Screencaps never gives back to the community.

• Let’s get started with Dillon L. in Crosby, North Dakota. Those of you who’ve been around Screencaps know about Dillon & his team of OutKick fans in remote northwestern North Dakota where the Craft Beer Cartel wouldn’t dare set up shop. This is Value Beer Guy territory.

Dillon writes:

Hey Joe, I’m sure you’ve received plenty of responses to Nick, but I can’t help but join in with my thoughts….. 

First off, I really don’t think anyone cares if you drink craft beer or not.  What we do get fed up with is hearing guys like Nick get all butthurt about their fancy crap.  They are like the crossfit guys, or even vegans for that matter, of the beerworld.  Nobody cares what anyone’s drinking until “craft beer guy” comes in with all of their sh*t talking.   To me the whole reason I don’t drink craft beer comes down to two reasons.  

1. It tastes like garbage (usually, not always) 

2. I can’t take down 30 craft beers.  

All I want is a cold, cheap beer and some good company.  (That doesn’t lecture me that there are “better” options than Busch/Coors/Bud) 

The Crosby, ND Value Beer Guy gang at their golf club in the middle of nowhere / via Dillon L.

• Zach in western North Carolina, who goes by Busch Lightyear, is up and he’s had it with the Craft Beer Cartel:

After reading Crafty McCraftbeers hit piece on the majestic blue and sterling masterpiece that is Busch Latte, I feel I have to step in to defend its sweet watered-down honor. I’ve been a lifelong connoisseur of Busch Light, even while growing up 30 minutes down the road from what has been voted “Beer City, USA” for several years running.

I appreciate any red-blooded American that wants to break the chains of a standard 9-5 and take a chance to go out on his/her own and try to create a masterpiece and a livelihood in the form of brewed barley/hops. I wholeheartedly support their operations when I can and think it’s this entrepreneurial spirit that makes America great. Having said all that…….Craft beer people in general are the WORST kind of people. Right up there with cyclist who use main roads and Career Karen’s. When I walk in a bar, I don’t need to know where the organic hops that “base a refreshing and crisp finish with a hint of grapefruit and oleander” were sourced.

I could not care less that the yeast used to brew your magic potion was cultured by astronauts on the dark side of the moon to prevent microscopic impurities. It does not matter to me in the least that the Dali Lama himself blessed the passion fruit brewed into your concoction to ensure a blissful and enlightened buzz. When I want a cold drink after a long day, stay out of my way and send me an ice cold bottle of mass-produced domestic brew and keep your gauged ears, trucker hat and man bun to yourself.

Beers like Busch light and other widely available domestics are for people who drink beer and enjoy it. Small batch, organic, single malt, hop star, IPA, and the like are brewed for people who drink beer and need to tell everyone in hearing distance how cool/special/unique their beer is. As you can see, I have very strong opinions on the matter but as a purveyor of Busch light and the likes, I know it’s not my place to spew these opinions around fellow patrons or to give anyone any lip for ordering a drink they enjoy.

I sit quietly in my corner spot or at a get-together or a tailgate and enjoy my watered down, hop, barley and rice masterpiece and appreciate it for what it is while Stoney, Patches and Jerebri the new age hipsters debate the ABVs of dark vs super dark and hoppy and pass along info on good local Subaru mechanics.

• Warren S. didn’t bother writing any copy on his email. He let the meme speak for itself:

• Chris A. wants in on this hit piece:

You hit one of my SC sweet spots with your running the email from Nick at Wild Heaven brewery. Some thoughts:

  1. You referring to crushing Busch Lattes during the weekend is like someone talking about putting on a Band-aid or Googling something. It’s shorthand for a task where everyone gets the reference. There are 5 gazillion different beers out there, but everyone knows what a Busch Light is.
  2. Your audience generally likes crushing cold, light, cheap beer that goes down easy on a summer day. Try that with multiple 8% ABV IPAs.
  3. Craft beer aficionados are somewhat sensitive and pretty parochial about their beer choices. Getting into a conversation with a true beer nut, especially one who brews their own, is like going to a wedding reception and having someone talk about how good they are at their job. Excuse yourself from such a conversation and get a mixed drink to avoid triggering them further.
  4. Most of the Garage Fridges I see in SC have an admirable variety of beverages in them, including mega- and microbrews, and water. Water in the fridge with the beer is the sign of a true professional.
  5. I am something of a beer snob because I have not had a beer from a mega brewer in many years. I do admit to a fondness for Twisted Tea Half and Half because I like an adult Arnold Palmer every now and then. But AB-InBev sells 100 million barrels+ of beer a year because they make what the public wants to buy. And small brewers like Nick also thrive because they make what folks want. The good news is that there is room for everyone, at least until someone in the government figures out the fun we’re having, and puts a stop to that right now.

Many thanks for the daily dose of sanity that is ScreenCaps.

• Taters O’B in North Carolina, after escaping California, writes:

I love beer. I’m not an expert and don’t feel the need to be. If it taste good, I like it. I love trying new beers as well. I feel the same way about music. If I like the sound of it, that’s all that matters to me. I don’t need to know the instruments being played, the way it was mixed or who produced it. If it hits the ear right, I’ll listen and maybe buy (side note, Shazam might be the most underrated app, I use it regularly). People treat craft beer and music in a similar way, quick example.

I graduated high school in 2001, my class had almost 900 students and was in the suburbs, so we had lots of different groups and interests throughout the school. One group, made up of mostly kids that played soccer and did student council got really into the band Phish. But they had an air of exclusivity that was very off putting. I was an athlete, did lots of activities and was able to get along with most people pretty easily so I was friends with some of these guys. Instead of treating this music as a cool thing they wanted to share, they talked about it like it was a special thing that only they understood and others wouldn’t get it.

I think that’s how some craft beer guys come across, same for Bourbon Bros. The exclusivity of this brewery that only they know about, or this beer that only they’ve heard of just doesn’t sit well with guys who like what they like and don’t need to be brought into the special circle or trust tree. That being said I appreciate that crafting/brewing beer is an art form all its own and takes a serious investment of time and money. I also appreciated the insight from Nick into the business side of things and am onboard with supporting the “little guy” over the “big guy” in most cases.

When I travel I look forward to trying new beers and always check the menu for local stuff. A good balance of trying new things and having old staples to look forward to after breaking a sweat doing hard things is my preferred method. Nothing hits better than an ice-cold favorite from the garage fridge.

• It shouldn’t come as a surprise Bill L. in Nebraska is a big Nick P. in Georgia supporter. Bill mails me beer he makes at home. I knew this email was coming:

Reading the letter from Nick P. today implored me to send something that required more than the email on my phone. You’ve long known that I am a supporter of craft beer and drinking local.  Nick does make some good points in his message.  Yes, macro-brew corporations have long used their financial resources to manipulate the market in terms of raw materials to shelf space for finished product.  They’ve also bought out craft beer brands and continued to market them as craft brands under their billion-dollar corporate umbrellas.  Sometimes the product quality suffers after being acquired by big beer, sometimes not as much. In many cases, new markets are exposed to beers they have never seen before. Bottom line is, macro beer distribution contributes to the bottom line of distributors (pays the bills and keeps the lights on), which allows them to take on distribution for local small brewers. Some states have enacted laws that allow small brewers to self-distribute on a limited basis (Nebraska has a law like this).  Maybe his local representative could look into getting a similar law for Georgia.

I’m aware that the Atlanta metro area is quite a bit different than the southeast corner of Nebraska. Several Nebraska breweries have adapted to the taste that a lot of the local population gravitates towards and released their own versions of a macro-lager. Some are available year-round, others are seasonal. It might entice a non-craft beer drinker to visit their local watering hole and try something new to the like a wheat beer or a pale ale. But I’ve also known local owners of breweries heading out to tube or tank down the Niobrara River that load up their cooler with Busch Light, and then partake in local beers after the day is done. 

If I’m ever in the ATL area I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for Avondale Estates cans. Looks like they have some creative brews.

• Matt in Nashville is Team Nick P.

Thought I’d weigh in on the craft beer vs “regular guy” beer drama going down on these interwebs. I’m firmly parked in both camps, and I think everyone else should be too. To wit, I was at a bachelor party with college buddies a couple weeks ago and attached is what I bought while “grocery shopping”. On the other hand, Nick P hit it out of the park with his email.

Overall, Nick P killed it in his assessment, and it sounds like he’s killing it at life as well. My dad grew up in Avondale Estates, and I will be a long-time supporter of Nick’s brewery going forward. Love to see it.

P.S. I can attest – and I insist that you publish this – that our fair ScreenCaps/TNML leader did offer at the drop of a hat to pinch-draft in our gauntlet league when we thought we’d be down a drafter due to technical issues. A true sign of support the SC community if ever there was one. Joe is a man of the people, and the people here are what makes America great. (Will send an update on our league soon too). 

And now for a special message to Nick P. in Georgia from Beau in Toledo — yes, the legend gets his own section because he wrote this after midnight and might’ve been a couple of beers deep on deadline

• The worst nightmare for OutKick editors IS BACK and he’s fired up. As is tradition, Beau emails are not to be touched by OutKick editors or I’ll walk right out the door and take this community with me. Beau emails are best consumed in their raw form.

Beau writes:

Hey Joe!

Wow, Man.

After just now (while #JesseWattersPrimetime is on)) opening my email after a busy weekend and seeing all of the responses You, Commish Joe, forwarded me ( I WILL contact Those of You soon) regarding horseradish, farmer’s cheese and pierogi from ScreenCap Nation, I have to say…

#ScreenCaps is hands down, THE best “bar” to hang out in!

Stop and think about it… a bunch of Folk hanging out, having a good time, drinking beer(I’ll get to Nick P. in georgia in a paragraph or so), and discussing Important Life Things like Mowing, Beer, DIY, Smokin’ Hot Chicks(lookin’ at You, @hildeee), and damn good grub… can You think of a better place?!?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I can’t say Thank You enough for the Community You’ve created Joe, as well as the multitudes of Worldwide Members that have made this The Premier Place for Chicks and Dudes who just want to hang out and be Chicks and Dudes… 

OhMy… ideas…maybe Mrs. Commissioner Kinsey needs to start a side hustle #ForTheLadies , posting the Lady Side of ScreenCap Nation? (something tells me Joe is wishing i had a breathalyzer tube to go along with my email login page).  That would be interesting!  (Why am i hearing the collective sound of Divorce Lawyers wringing their hands?!?)

SideNote: If I win the lottery and buy a bar, I’m gonna name it ScreenCaps.

If one of Y’All wins it, do the same. Décor shall be whatever is on #TNML Commish Joe’s feed.  And anyone with the Last Name of Kinsey drinks for free. 

(I’m not trying to start another “Chili War”, but does karaoke fit anywhere in the ScreenCaps Bar?!?)

Been a busy last several days here in the ’13 zip code.  Growing Season quickly turned to Harvest Season, and the dehydrator has been busy, making screen time a lesser priority.  After I dropped that email late Wednesday(started it at 7! 😂), I left work early on Thursday to attend a funeral, lay stripes at the Maumee Lawn, then decided that there was enough sunlight and DaddyPops to knock out the Homestead Turf.  The weekend included a late Friday call about a 0445 Saturday wake up call to be at Meinke’s Marina; Y’all saw the Sunrise… I really wish everyone could have been there just for that… The 10 inch perch I put in the live well will go well with fresh garlic and onions in the Lodge cast iron. NOM!

And now for Nick P. in georgia…

Somebody PLEEEEEEAAASE give that Maaaan…… a Hug.

Bro, We appreciate Your Passion, but We in ScreenCap Nation have been rep’ing Local and Small Business for a long time… many of the beers that you see in #TNML Night and some of the #PatioLife pics are Daily Drinkers… Many of Us save the Local Stuff for special occasions like milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements  Many Members post them as well. .  Most stuff is locally grown and or made. Want a list?!?

Maumee Bay Brewing Company -Beer (

Patron Saints Brewery | On Tap

Drink – Inside the Five Brewing

O’Fallon Brewery | Beers – We Love Beer™ – O’Fallon Brewery (

I’d also like to add that many of us will do a search on Local Stuff when We travel… I myself searched Local for grub when I went to St. Louis for an #AirForce retirement… #TripleD led me to many great locally owned places, and I also found Schlafly Beer Homepage – Schlafly Beer ; I spent a hundy at a local grocer to bring their beer Home to the 419.

When I went to the 919 down in NC to hang out with Pops, i dropped 300 at Aviator Brewing Company | The Best Beer, BBQ, and Pizza in Raleigh, NC … get there, Nick (and everyone else reading this).

I’ve attached a pic of “Local”…  included are the locally grown (150 ft from my kitchen window) dehydrated peppers, cukes, zukes, and herbs, as well as stuff I’ve traveled to get.  The Carolina Reapers are a story all in it’s own…  The coffees from #RulliBros outside of Youngstown Fresh & Local Groceries | Quality Meats & Produce | Rulli Bros. ( and #BlackRifleCoffee in Utah Limited Cold Brew Offer – Black Rifle Coffee Company

are a must… 

The Spiced Cherry Wine from Home – Chateau Grand Traverse ( ? Yeah, that’s #MILFJuice… if anyone wants to expand their Family, go to Flicks Package Liquor (  and get a  bottle or 2.

 The Green Bottle with no label?? 


Made in a garage… location “unknown”.  Family Made.  Good sippin’ stuff. ‘Nuff said.

Nick, not all of Us want a fruit salad in our macro or micro beer… give me a good amber lager or a solid pilsner, then we’ll talk… Your site has indicated You have both.

You know how to get in touch with The ScreenCap Nation and where to send a bottle or 4… I know where to send the check.

Wild Heaven Beer – Our Beers

We See You.

We appreciate You.

We’re not afraid to tip a few of Your Own back with You.

Keep Up The Good Work.

Your Friendly Local Domestic Terrorist(per former VP joe biden),

Beau in Toledo

(yes, i hit “send” after midnight)

Welp, it’s over

It was a great run, but the pumpkin spice latte crowd finally got their wish. They can get into their fuzzy blankets and light their pumpkin cream cookie candles and scroll through Pinterest looking for the perfect photoshoot locations for their children.

This news also means we need to start thinking about selecting a championship week for TNML. That will be the week where I expect anyone looking to compete for a title in 2023 to show up and perform to the best of their abilities.

Guys, it’s that time of year and I hate it.

Kids and cellphones

Earlier this week, I told you guys about my neighbor who claims he’s standing firm and his kids won’t get a cellphone until 8th grade and it will come with stipulations.

Screencaps readers had something to say about that:

• Brian B. in Atlanta, who should go get a freebie from Nick P.’s brewery, writes:

My rule was 6th grade on the cell phones in my house. That also came with stipulations on social media. I have an app that time limited how long they could spend on their phones. It also capped them on their social media when they were allowed to get those. Also phones were not allowed in rooms until they were older. 

They are great for letting us know when a kid needs to be picked up or there are changes to transportation, etc. 

Kids are gaining independence but it is up to us to guide them and have guardrails for them. 

• BTC in Pinckney, MI (which is about to turn incredibly beautiful in like two weeks) writes:

I’m with your buddy… I have a just turned 13-yr old daughter and the wife and I already set the ground rules that she will not be getting a cell phone until she is old enough to drive and even then it will be extremely limited.

We’re lucky in that she is much more interested in books & hockey than Instagram and TikTok (she has ZERO interest in those things thank God). She still has a tablet and a Nintendo Switch, but we’ve done a good job with her on bringing her up with responsible attitudes on online lifestyles and having real human contact. My other two kids.. that’s another story.

The whole line of thinking that tablets and app-driven tech is basically as addictive as slot machines? So true. It’s going to be a harder fight with those two, I think.

• Rob W. writes:

If you don’t let your kid have a phone before the 8th grade your kid will be a pariah. She will have no way to stay in touch with her friends and no way to keep up with what’s going on with her friend group or at her school. And her friends will leave her behind.

There’s a way to let her have a phone and still be reasonable by limiting screen time, keeping it with you at night, and reading everything on it with some frequency. But please don’t cut her off from her friends, which is what you’ll be doing if you make her wait until she’s 13 to have a phone.

• Brian B. in Buford, GA has thoughts on this one:

I’ve got 2 daughters 8th grade and 6th grade, and a 3-year-old son (yes that happened)

We held off on cellphones for the 8th grader until this summer. We wish we could have lasted longer but she was going to be literally the one kid without one so we caved.  It is good from a safety perspective but we do have to monitor all the activity like texting, etc. Even with the phone we do not allow any social media apps like Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat.  It’s only been a few months but so far so good. Our advice (my wife especially) is to wait as long as possible – try not to be first in the age group but also try not to be last. 

Keep up the great work!

Dayton seems like a strong testing ground for fake carne asada

This takes me back to the old days when select Toledo Taco Bells were used to test the Doritos Locos Tacos.

And with that news, let’s get rolling today. I have no idea what’s on the schedule for me, but that’s the beauty of this job. One minute you’re blogging about fake meat tacos, the next minute I could be deep into a post on Aaron Rodgers’ shaman girlfriend.

It keeps things interesting.

Now go keep things interesting at your job and report back on whatever is on your mind. Or take a shot at Nick P.


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