LA Teachers Told To Hide Vacation Plans Because Of Bad COVID Optics

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It’s not a good day to be a part of the United Teachers Los Angeles (or UTLA) union. On Monday night, Bill Melugin with Fox 11 Los Angeles tweeted out a fascinating find from a private Facebook group for UTLA members.

In the group titled “UTLA FB GROUP – Members Only,” teachers were warned not to share any Spring Break vacation plans on social media. Why? Because the optics would be bad for them while UTLA is refusing to return to what they say is “unsafe” in-person schooling.

Friendly reminder:

If you are planning any trips for Spring Break, please keep that off of Social Media. It is hard to argue that it is unsafe for in-person instruction, if parents and the public see vacation photos and international travel.

A response statement from UTLA read:

“We have a diverse membership and they are able to post their views on personal Facebook pages and in this Facebook group – however UTLA does not monitor nor is responsible for the content.”

Sounds like someone didn’t think through the optics, after all. I could be reaching here, but a leaked post from a private Facebook group asking teachers to hide vacation plans is worse than those teachers actually having vacation plans.

Either way, it might be time to give up this “unsafe” in-person schooling pitch. The science doesn’t back that up, and plenty of teachers feel safe enough to go on a Spring Break vacation.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. They tipped their hand around May or June of last year when one their Covid safety demands was that the school district defund the school police. They also said that they would return once all of the students were vaccinated. Now they want all the teachers to be vaccinated. So concerned about safety yet the current focus seems to on not publishing spring break pics. Whenever you hear “it’s all about the children”, just remember the opposite is likely the case.

  2. The reality of all this BS was brought to light when LA county public health officials said they would open up schools “after the elections’, now that they got the team they wanted they are going to milk it for all it’s worth. This is why I hate the “teachers are the real heroes” nonsense.

  3. This is just one person – but one school leader I know here told me that a teacher said they could not come to work at school because of fear. BUT – they ran their class remotely from different cities each day as they traveled. What a joke!

  4. I am a teacher and here in Indiana we made it through the fall all in person and played all sports. After Christmas we have been doing hybrid with a rotation of on campus and online. It is very difficult to balance both. It looks like we will be going back to regular classes after spring break in April. All sports have been allowed as well. Really the only reason for the change was all the quarantined students. I am thankful to teach in a state and system that wants kids in school. I am also a parent and my son lost his track season last year and my other son plays D2 football and he lost his season this year. I totally understand the frustration with teacher unions and some of their members. I never have been in the union and I certainly don’t share their philosophy. Don’t throw us all under the he bus😁

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