Kyrie Irving To Re-Sign With Nets, Take On Additional Role

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Kyrie Irving’s bringing a title to Brooklyn, though it’s not exactly what Nets fans had in mind.

Following Brooklyn’s surprising first round playoff exit on Monday — viewed by most as a postseason disaster –Irving surprised many during his post-game presser when he insinuated that aside from playing point guard, he’s apparently moonlighting in a management role.

Oh, and Kevin Durant is too.

“When I say I’m here with Kev, I think that it really entails us managing this franchise together alongside (owner) Joe (Tsai) and (GM) Sean (Marks) and just our group of family members that we have in our organization,” Irving said.

No wonder they’re paid so much. Kyrie brings in more than $33 million per season, while Durant tops him at close to $41 million. Those salaries would seem exorbitant until you realize they’re not only hooping but also juggling management responsibilities. Double pay for double duty.


In spite of the backbreaking workload and lack of playoff success, Irving – who is eligible to sign a max contract extension, or opt out this summer – fully intends to stay in Brooklyn.

“In terms of my extension, man, I don’t really plan on going anywhere,” insisted Irving.

Irving, 30, continued: “There’s no question about where I’m going and how this is going to happen. I’m here with (Kevin Durant), but also I’m here to build a great team.”

As for how co-manager (or is it co-co-co-manager?) Kyrie plans to right the wrongs that doomed the Nets, he has some ideas.

“I think we just gotta make some moves this offseason, really talk about it and really be intentional about what we’re building and have some fun with it, make it enjoyable and hopefully we get to start from Day One just as a squad and as a family and we just really worry about us,” said Irving.

If all goes according to plan, Irving can add a third, more highly sought-after title alongside his name.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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