Kyler Murray’s Former Hairdresser Quit Because of a Strange Request

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Kyler Murray has had an interesting offseason. The Arizona Cardinals quarterback is entering the last year of his rookie contract and wants a long-term commitment from the team.

Up to this point, Murray hasn’t received one. He’s gone back and forth on where he stands with the team as he waits for a contract. As of right now, the two sides are getting closer to a new deal and hope to have one in place prior to the start of training camp.

Now to the latest, which comes by way of a former hairdresser. Before we get started it is worth pointing out that this isn’t a Deshaun Watson-type situation. Quite the opposite.

She wasn’t having it and quit on the spot

Kyler Murray’s former hairdresser quit doing his hair after he asked her to wear pants when she showed up for their next appointment. She wasn’t having it and quit on the spot.

Murray’s former hairdresser named Swanny told the story of what made her quit doing his hair during a recent podcast appearance. Here’s how she says it went down.

“One day he calls me and he’s like ‘Hey Swanny, when you come on Thursday, can you wear pants?’ I don’t want to wear pants. I want to wear what I wear, why the f*** do I have to wear pants, and if you can’t control your eyes that’s one thing, and if your girlfriend’s insecure that’s her problem. I’m 29 years old, your 22? I’m a mom of 4, I work out every day, I service you whenever you want…and you want me to wear pants? You could f*** off.”

I completely get where the hairdresser is coming from. As a guy who isn’t a fan of doing things with pants on I get it. At the same time, he is paying you and as long as he isn’t asking you to wear a sexy maid outfit or anything then it’s probably a reasonable request.

There are probably a few guys in the league where a strange request could go sideways. And the only reason I’m calling Murray’s request strange is he didn’t want the team to know about it. That part is a little strange to me.

I don’t think this is a situation that you quit doing his hair over. The request was probably to save himself some heat. If I had to guess it likely had something to do with his girlfriend being there for the appointment and he didn’t want to hear about it when the hairdresser left.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. If I am to mediate this Brouhahaha …. I need to know what “Swanny” has been wearing for their appointments …. a micro-mini … a thong … overalls …. daisy dukes … skinny jeans ???? … What does she wear “up top” and how many buttons are buttoned.?
    Not familiar with Phoenix-area hairdressers but I betcha there is at least one willing to “wear pants” to have a local sports celebrity as a client.

    • OK … I just spoke to the Phoenix-area franchisee for Sport Clips. He says he only hires devout Muslim hairdressers who wear full berkas … and would welcome Kyler Murray as a customer. He’ll throw in a free nose hair trim. … Problem Solved!
      NOW can we get back to why HILDEEEEE as so many “e” in her name?

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