Kyler Murray Speaks On Mass Shooting In Allen, Texas: ‘Sh*t Needs To Stop’

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Saturday’s mass shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas. sparked a reaction from Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, whose football upbringing went through the Collin County city.

The 25-year-old, who played attended Allen High School, framed the shooting as a recurring issue in America, while also offering help to those families affected by the tragedy.

Kyler Murray took to Twitter Saturday afternoon, posting, “This is sickening. Prayers to the mass shooting victims in Allen, Texas. If there is anyway [sic] I can help those affected by this tragedy please let me know. When is this sh*t gonna stop?”

As reported by Fox News Digital, eight people were killed at Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday. Authorities killed the suspected gunman at the scene. Eight victims (between the ages of 5 – 61 years old) were taken to Medical City Healthcare for attention.


The shooting hit close to home for Murray. However, the conversation around mass shootings continues to overlook what was wrong with the shooter or the type of culture that fosters troubled people.

Murray and other athletes continue to step up and assist families involved in tragic shootings. Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic spoke out on the mass shooting at a Belgrade elementary school that left several children and a security guard dead. Doncic voiced his support for the people and offer assistance without turning it into a broader message about guns, which has become the typical media narrative every time a shooting occurs.

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