Kyler Murray Sounds Like Kamala Trying To Explain His Social Media Scrub

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Kyler Murray says that whole social media incident where he deleted all mentions of the Arizona Cardinals was NOTHING. Seriously, Kyler wasn’t trying to force his way out of Arizona. Take his word for it. This was just a kid being a kid. He’s 24. Kyler says kids his age do these things.

“No that was — like I said, if you’re a kid my age, you’re used to like … people take off all of their — that’s just a thing,” Murray explained to reporters Thursday. “Honestly, like I said, I took everything off of it, beside one picture. So it had nothing to do with the Cardinals or anything like that.”


Now comes the Kamala-like word salad.

“Obviously, you’ve got the whole social media stuff and then coming out with whatever it is about the future and stuff like that,” Murray said. “But honestly, I’m happy where I’m at. I’m just being where my feet are and keeping football the main thing — like I always have.”

Let’s face it, Kyler wants more money – or out. My head’s spinning over the where my feet are sentence.

“I’m an Arizona Cardinal,” Murray concluded. “I’ve done nothing but give my all to the Cardinals and will continue to do that. So I’m not really too worried about it.”

The blue checkmarks can hate Aaron Rodgers all they want, but one thing they cannot dispute is how great he is at writing his sappy Instagram letters to the Packers fans and his fellow teammates making it look like he’s leaving the franchise — only to sign a massive new deal.

There are quarterbacks who aren’t very good at this game and end up twisted into knots like Kamala — Murray and definitely Baker Mayfield — and then there are the pros like Tom Brady and Rodgers. It’s time for the rookies to take notes on how to get new contracts and how to play the media.

It’s either that or continue twisted into knots like the VP. Your call.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts are all top notch “athletes”, but none will ever win a Super Bowl. The reason they’re talked about in such high regards is because of their Fantasy Football numbers. They are all stars in Fantasy Football. They put up top 5 fantasy numbers, but they aren’t top 10 QB’s in Real football.

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