Mainstream Media Hates Kyle Rittenhouse So Much

The mainstream news outlets can hardly hide their disdain for Kyle Rittenhouse. So they’ve decided not to try, and now they’re recklessly reporting about his trial.

CBS first rendered its own verdict, tweeting on Thursday that Rittenhouse had “murdered” two men in an encounter in Kenosha, Wisc., last year.

Murder, in this case, has a definitive meaning, and it’s up to the jurors to decide whether Rittenhouse’s actions meet it. Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty and his attorneys argue he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber in August 2020. Several legal experts have also predicted that the court will likely find Rittenhouse guilty on only a weapons charge, not two counts of intentional homicide.

CBS deleted the tweet after someone above saw it.

How does that happen? It’s likely the CBS tweeter follows only other CBS talents, so he or she was under the impression that Rittenhouse undoubtedly murdered two guys.

Not to be outdone, MSNBC reported that Rittenhouse’s lawyer asked the judge to remove Rev. Al Sharpton from the courtroom.

“‘Arrogant insensitivity’: Rev. Sharpton slams Rittenhouse lawyer who asked for Sharpton’s removal from court,” MSNBC tweeted.

“Arrogant insensitivity,” huh? How about a lie? Rittenhouse’s lawyer never made that request. MSNBC mixed the report up with a different attorney in a different trial in a different state.

MSNBC eventually had to issue a correction for that, saying, “Correction: Defense attorney for William Bryan in Arbery shooting trial, not an attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse.”

Just a slight mix-up.

And then there’s CNN legal guy Jeffrey Toobin.

“The good news for Kyle Rittenhouse is that he’s not on trial for being an idiot,” Toobin said earlier this week.

That’s right, Toobin, who masturbated in front of his co-workers on a Zoom call earlier this year, has accused Rittenhouse of being an idiot.

Toobin then injected race into the trial to score make-up points and to deflect from the fact that he’d masturbated in front of fellow staffers. That attempt didn’t go well, either:

What’s all of this about?

The media hates Kyle Rittenhouse deeply because of his white skin color. Check ESPN’s Mark Jones’ likes on Twitter for the definition of hate. In all likelihood, the media plans to destroy Rittenhouse’s life if the jurors do not.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Its because they see the writing on the wall that Rittenhouse will likely be found not guilty. So they have to let their “peaceful protesters” and “civil rights advocates” its time to put on their all-black clothes, helmets, and gasmasks.

  2. The media may hate Kyle while many of us in middle America loathe the media,they are the mouthpiece for the far left which 90% of dems in DC are now.The moderate dem is extinct as are objective journalists.

  3. They hate Rittenhouse because when he is exonerated based on the clear evidence it’s going to be a hard evidence backed INDICTMENT of the media colluding against him in efforts to defame him. I would think he could use a not guilty/innocent verdict as serious ammunition to sue the doors off some of these crazy media organizations for defamation, Especially when the same evidence was out there for the media to see all along that the court is using to exonerate him. Pretty obvious it’s a hit job on him by media. I’m no lawyer though, the thought just crossed my mind of why they’re being so stubborn when it’s obvious now? They’re afraid.

    • I hope you’re right. The defense sucked today. The judge should have never allowed that blurry manipulated photo. His defense lawyers have been really bad. Plus the guy in charge of his defense money made some really almost unbelievable decisions like buying him that t-shirt that said free as fuck. He also set up the meeting with the proud boys and the photo op with some of them. The black rifle coffee t short. All of that was done at the behest of the money guy. Stupid stupid decisions. The lawyers along with the guy I just mentioned have really done Kyle wrong. The case was won before he took the stand. He should have never testified. Only bad things can happen and they did. I just don’t understand it. It’s almost like they want to have another trial so they can milk that defense fund for Kyle. I hope and pray that justice prevails and he is found not guilty but I’m not holding my breath.

    • You are the littlest bitch of them all. Crying the whole time while on your knees slobbing on queen James dong.

      Fucking bitch ass punk. You are soft as shit. You present this hard bullshit.

      You’re a weak ass bitch who blames being a punk bitch on everyone else.

    • I don’t know, I commend Kyle for putting down a pedophile, and two other felons, one with a permanent injury, he escaped a fascist mob… his work will forever be known as the “Kenosha hat trick.” He has my admiration. If he shed tears on the witness stand, I’ll cut the young man some slack. If there were 100 more like him that night, the pussy-ass looters would have turned and gone home.

      • The guy actually anal raped a kid. I think he had 5 separate victims. He was released from prison the night he met Kyle. That’s some coincidental shit right there. Almost like they let him out to riot. The other two scumbags got what they deserved as well. On thing no one has mentioned is that usually when there is a shooting people run away from the gunfire. These morons we’re running after a kid with an AR that just shot someone that tried to assault him and take his gun. They were running towards gunfire. Like what kind of idiot does that.

    • After watching some MSM I won’t assume you know the backgrounds of the three WHITE assholes that were shot:

      Rosenbaum(white): Molested five 9-13 ages year old boys. Just got out of the psych ward for attempted suicide. 4 shots, dead. 🙂

      Skateboard guy(white): Convicted felon, threated a sister and grandmother with weapons. Tried to steal Kyle’s weapon, took on e to the chest, dead. 🙂

      Gaige(white, gay name): Also has a rap sheet, stepped around Kyle to shoot him in the back of the head. Boom! arm gone. Beautiful shot. Not dead 🙁

      I think you BLM supporters may need to keep better company

  4. Only the woke Left and their dumbass corporate media overlords could find a way to make a White man killing two other White men and wounding a third White man be because… you guessed it… racism. The only other group that obsesses that much about skin color is the KKK.

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