Kwame Brown Slams Jemele Hill’s ‘Little Liberal, Democratic’ Talking Points

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Kwame Brown is destroying everyone in his path. In simple terms, what he’s doing to critics like Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Stephen A. Smith is what Twitter would call “slaying” if Brown were Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Struggling to find someone to falsely label racist, Jemele Hill inserted herself into the discussion, likely hoping some other spineless exec will add her to the payroll.

I saw Hill tweet “Violence” and assumed she meant “mostly peaceful.” Brown took it another way, though:

“Jemele Hill, good morning. Good morning Black queen,” Brown responds on IG. “You said all weekend I was being violent so that leads me to believe something is a little off about you. Ms. Hill, mam I have children and you just lied on me and you on deck.”

Here’s where it gets really good:

“You trying to use your little liberal, democratic talking points that because I’m challenging these brothers on how they destroy Black men, I used my words,” Brown said. “And you used the word violence. That’s the narrative you wanna put out mam? I think you’re exposing yourself Ms. Hill.”

Your “little democratic talking points.” Accurate.

Hill then tried to claim she was the victim in all of this, a common approach these days:

I certainly don’t support threats of any kind, but really? Someone attacked her online?

Brown responded to comments Hill made directly to him. Furthermore, Hill’s entire career, at this point, is centered on attacking people online.


Who is next, Kwame Brown?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Hill has been race hustling as long as she has had a national platform. She’s thrown former employers under the bus for their lack of black female sports journalists (a field that is 90% male and 80% white…because the pool of talent who enter sports journalism is over 90% male & overwhelmingly white). Instead of being thankful for her rise, she throws race bombs.

    Her lack of talent is evident. She should never have risen beyond covering small-town high school basketball games.

    • The ultimate hypocrisy, the black women say its racist that more black women aren’t interested know sports media, while not saying a peep about all these sports being dominated by black people. That’s called being being raaaasis last I checked

      • I love this site, but Hill’s comments are only out there to elicit responses from sites like this, and I wish they would simply resist the urge.

        I remember when Hill was writing for ESPN’s Page 2 before they went woke. She was a mostly unknown writer who vacillated between claiming Michael Vick was a victim of racism and that Vick was setting a bad example for other black QBs. In other words, she was all over the place and resorted to clickbait headlines for pageviews to keep her afloat. She had little name recognition outside of ESPN online readers and was never seen on any of ESPN’s regular programs.

        It was only after ESPN went full woke and was given a role on their NBA coverage when she became more visible. This coincided with her being given that 6 pm SportsCenter slot and bombing. It was on that platform that Hill ramped up her racist rhetoric to new levels. But I don’t think it was because she saw herself as the next Malcolm X. I think it was because she had to see the ratings disaster she had become and was positioning herself for the inevitable exit. But now she could point to her firing as being a victim of her political beliefs. Which almost everyone saw as a smokescreen as she had become an unlikable, angry racist, as demonstrated by the dearth of people looking to hire her. Which is relatively unheard of for an anchor on SportsCenter.

        Since then, Hill has been hanging on by virtue of commenting on every Colin Kaepernick piece out there, doing pieces for other woke sites (and being fired), and being on that god-awful Vice sports show. In other words, she’s back to irrelevance. The only thing putting her temporarily in the public eye is when sites that go against her politics respond to her. For instance, Hill shoehorning her name into a fight between NBA players that has nothing to do with her, and getting the predictable ire in response.

        We know she is racist. We know she adds nothing to any conversation. We know she lacks talent as a writer, charisma as a TV personality, and the civility most in the world have for their fellow human. Ignore her and she goes back to being that irrelevant Page 2 columnist.

        • Basically I agree with what you are saying^
          She serves a fodder to get non-woke people stirred up.

          Disclaimer: I love Bobby Burack. This comment is no slack on him.

          But what is sad is that there was actually a point in time when Jemele Hill was a somewhat serious journalist. Really. She wrote an incredible article about Kar Malone having a baby with a 13 (yes. Thirteen year old) girl – who gave north to a son who he ended up abandoning. It was a sad story. But at some point there was a point at which the •super woke• in Jemele was activated and she basically turned into a bitter cartoon caricature of herself. Her life isn’t over. I hope she can snap out of it at some point and get back to planet Earth instead of Wakanda

          • I too love Bobby, this is not an indictment on him. And I did not know about those early Hill years. But I’m not holding out hope that she ever returns to the real world

  2. Fuck that bitch. I`m starting to like Kwame Brown. For a guy that used to be in the Association, he sure doesn`t act NBA like (good on him). These liberals just hate it when you call them on their bullshit.

  3. So let me get this straight… Jemele called Kwame violent on May 17 and then after his response, on May 19 she said he came at her unprovoked?

    Is she really *THAT* disconnected from reality and personal accountability?

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