Gov. Kristi Noem Slams Biden For Banning July 4 Fireworks At Mount Rushmore

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Leading up to the week of Fourth of July, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem visited Mount Rushmore and recorded a video from the site to call out the Biden administration for banning her plans to host a fireworks show there.

Gov. Noem applied earlier this year to host the Fourth of July event but was denied due to COVID.

According to the Fox News report, Noem was optimistic about organizing the show for visitors in town for Fourth of July weekend after Donald Trump revived the show last year. Trump was the first President to call for the festivities since 2009.

Though Biden denied her request for a patriotic celebration at the federal monument, Noem caught word of a White House event hosting 1,000 guests, which prompted the South Dakota Governor to go on full offense at President Biden for a lack of fairness.

“It’s a beautiful day. I really wish that we were able to have fireworks here this year – probably not gonna happen because of the Biden administration – but look at all the wonderful people still enjoying this monument to history,” said Noem in her video posted on Twitter.

Noem added, “What a hypocrite. President @JoeBiden wants ‘a summer of freedom’ where we ‘mark independence from the virus by celebrating with events across the country.'”

The NPS (National Park Service) cited “health reasons relating to coronavirus, wildfire risks, environmental concerns and ongoing construction” as the cautionary guidelines that advised the final decision on her application for the event.

Noem also pursued litigation to reinstate the event this year, only to be turned down by a federal judge who sided with NPS’s ruling.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Most, if not all Americans support this effort…….Fireworks for me but not for thee……screw all Left Wing politicians all across this great country……you’re all hypocritical Communists

  2. Gov. Noem should hold the fireworks in direct disobedience to the feds. It’s long past time for words and time for action. Call their bluff – the feds are NOT going to send in troops and arrest thousands of people at Mt. Rushmore on Independence Day. And even if the feds somehow were that stupid, people would finally begin to see just how evil and corrupt the federal government has become.

    Deeds, not words.

    • The feds absolutely would come, but fact is, we NEED to show up in greater numbers and over power them. Fact is, every government agency is in on the leftist movement in this country. Freedom has become an optic illusion. 95% of Republicans are literally just controlled opposition to Dems and the Left. This country is a lost cause if people are going to continue on with the mindset of “we can vote to make change”. Voting has become a joke

  3. I don’t understand, can a state or city not have a fireworks show, is it because it is Federal land?
    We need NWA to cut a track called F$%# the Commies for our summer breakout hit for 2021!

  4. Everyone saying they should do it anyways is 100% correct. Noem also 100% would never do that. She’s an all talk RINO. Remember, this is the same woman who caved on trannys in women’s sports because of threats from the NCAA.

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