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I have to get to the soccer field and then a baseball practice, so let’s get right to it this morning

• Galen in Tennessee has the floor:

I’ve been reading Screencaps since its inception at Outkick and I found so many of the subjects are directly related to me even being a Senior Citizen. Couldn’t decide which one I wanted to email you about so I decided to touch base on a few of them all at once from a SC Screencaps point of view.

The “Coaching Tips” and “Don’t Blink” were combined for me as I was a middle school basketball coach in Metro Atlanta for 25 years and a sports girl dad. I loved coaching and teaching (no union!) and retired after 30 successful years. I ran organized, fundamental-based practices and loved watching my players develop over their 7th-8th grade years (even had one player make it to the NBA). My daughter was a basketball and fastpitch softball player on school, AAU and travel teams.

I never missed any of her games and now, years later, I have NO regrets over the time, effort, and money spent for anything. It forged an unbreakable bond and memories to last a lifetime.

Love the “Food” pics and discussions. I enjoy my 3 burner Weber grill and use it year-round, but I have discovered the world of Instant Pot as my latest challenge. Man, I have put out some quality food that I would never have tackled before. I strongly urge fellow Screencappers to give it a try and step out of your comfort zone. (FWIW, I ate at Texas Roadhouse last night and there were BEANS in their TEXAS Red Chili!)

The “Nature” scenes are a constant reminder of God’s beauty and I soak in all the views from places I have or would love to visit. After my retirement, I moved back to my hometown of Johnson City, Tennessee (yes, of Wagon Wheel fame) where we are blessed to be surrounded by natural beauty. Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, riding bikes, and pontooning on Watauga Lake are but a few priceless activities in our area.

Watauga Lake, Tennessee (via Galen)

I guess the “Guy Trip” discussion is what inspired me to finally email you. I graduated Science Hill High School in 1975 and us guys went on the obligatory Senior Beach Trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Last month, 47 years later, we reconvened for a Senior CITIZEN Beach Trip to the Daytona Beach area for a 10-day camping excursion. We are all of Social Security and Medicare age now so the discussions have changed from hot girls to what hurts the most and how did you sleep. The laughter shared and giving each other hell is still alive and well and the fact we watched our Vols win the SEC Basketball Championship completed the trip. Friendships of 50+ years are rare and should be cherished!

SEC Vols Championship Guys Trip 2022 (47 years later)

Finally, I want to comment on the concepts of “Do Hard Things” and “Thursday Night Mowing League.” After retirement from the teaching/coaching profession I decided to become an entrepreneur and control my financial future. I invested in rental properties and after my move back to East Tennessee I started a Lawn Care business that began my “DHT” journey. I purposely kept it small since I was the only employee and last year, after reading the “TNML Season 1” posts, I decided to adapt that for my business model so now I mow on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So each week I finish my mowing on Thursday evening and then have a four-day weekend every week. I highly recommend retirement and being in control of your own schedule.

As I finish mowing on many Thursday evenings I will enjoy a garage beer(s) as I unpack and refuel for the next week. There might even be some Yacht Rock involved as I wind down for the week. There is no better feeling than to put away the tools of the trade on Thursday evening and know that you have a looooong weekend ahead!

Thank you for standing up for us hardworking, average guys. Now, from a Senior Citizen perspective… stay engaged and involved in all you do. Do not give in to the rocking chair. Stay as active as you can…your “Do Hard Things” may not be hard to others, but always stay physically and mentally challenged and enjoy the journey. If Liz and Salma can create content at this age then so can we (except for the sexy picture thing).

Thanks, Joe, for the forum for the average American male,

Galen in TN

Notes: I know I am 20-25 years older than your wheelhouse regular contributors, but hopefully they will realize that they can still live the “Screencaps lifestyle” later in life. I will officially offer my services and opinions to said lifestyle as the Screencaps OG!

The more I digest the “Screenscaps Lifestyle” the more I like it.. I think that might be a winner! What would be the “Top 10” of the “Screenscaps Lifestyle?”


Let me start by saying what an email from Galen, who thinks he’s outside the Screencaps wheelhouse.

I happen to think just the opposite.

Us guys in our 30s and 40s need that wisdom, Galen. We need to be able to ask those questions about life that you’ve already experienced. We need to hear about post-career life and what to expect from a set-your-own schedule lifestyle.

Guys, I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time. I’m going on 15 years of doing this. I don’t care what some marketing research says about who the target audience should be. Yes, the 18-34 demo will blow money on the stupidest stuff and advertisers LOVE that demo. Screw the market research experts.

Screencaps is my demo and let me tell you what’s happening with TNML — it’s getting younger by the day. I’m hearing it from all across the country — I’m probably one of your youngest fans…this is awesome.

Those messages come in almost daily.

The Screencaps demo will be the Screencaps demo. We just have to keep rolling down the road. Keep livin’.

Speaking of barely old-timers

• Friday I received a call from my dad in the middle of my workday because that is common amongst my parents now that they no longer work 9-to-5 schedules.

Dad, 66, wanted to share that he had a nice 10-over 71 in his Naples retiree league this week, but there was even bigger news. My uncle, 65, plays in the same league and had the round of his life — he shot a 7-over 68. A count everything, full integrity, no mulligans, hand on a Bible 68. I got my dad and uncle hooked on full integrity, count ’em up golf. I’m proud of them for jumping on the wagon with those of us who want to look in the mirror after a 68.

While I didn’t ask my dad directly, I have to imagine he’s jealous of his brother, the non-athlete in the family, breaking 70 before him on the par-61 course.

And I can guarantee what will be on my dad’s mind all summer — that 68 Jim carded.

Just keep rolling down the road. Chase those golf rounds of a lifetime.

Have a great Easter weekend with your families. I’m off to the soccer fields with the family.

We’ll get back at it Monday morning.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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    There was simply “a difference” between those SI Swimsuit models and what one found and “saw” in Playboy and Penthouse. Maybe the difference was simply a few square inches of carefully arranged fabric but “something” was left to the imagination. Were those SI Swimsuit models a “gateway drug” to “today” where Pornography is by far the #1 category on the Internet? … I will leave THAT debate to others …

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