Klay Thompson Remembers Beaning Kevin Love On Diamond

Between 2015 through 2018, Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors bested Kevin Love and his Cavaliers teammates more often than not. Over a four year stretch, Golden State walked away with three NBA titles while Cleveland grabbed just one.

But the hardwood isn’t the only place where Thompson has made Love feel the pain. On a community baseball field years earlier, Klay molded up a nasty fastball and threw it straight into Love’s back.

So much for feelin’ the love.

“Knew he was going to be a Cav,” joked Thompson, during a Warriors’ YouTube video.

Thompson and Love grew up together in Oregon, often playing on the same Little League teams and regularly hanging with each other on weekends. At different points during their youth, the friends and future All-Stars also competed against each other, which allowed for some friendly rivalry

“I faced Kevin Love here. I was pitching, he was batting,” Thompson told a camera crew in his hometown dugout. “I beaned him right in the back.”

Love and Thompson are scheduled to meet again in person when the Warriors visit Cleveland on January 9th, though a more serious injury than a baseball to the back could prevent Thompson from participating in the reunion. Thompson is still recovering from an Achilles injury he suffered prior to last season.

All’s fair in Love and Warriors, so if Klay makes it back to the court in time to face his old friend, he might want to watch his back.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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