Kirk Herbstreit: No More Whining About ‘Small Guy’ Not Getting A Chance In CFP

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Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t want to hear it. With Cincinnati’s inclusion in the College Football Playoff, there should be no more conspiracy theories about “small guys” not getting a chance, according to Herbstreit.

“After SEVEN years of bitching and complaining from a vocal minority that the CFP system is rigged and the ‘small guy’ will NEVER GET A CHANCE-haven’t heard much from ya last couple days,” Herbstreit tweeted. “Everything okay? What’s the next conspiracy theory?? Can’t wait! ‘Cause that one is history.”

Cincinnati hails from the American Athletic Conference, and the Bearcats are the first program from the Group of Five conferences to qualify for the CFP. They are unbeaten (13-0), finished fourth in the CFP rankings and face top-seeded Alabama on Dec. 31.

Their biggest victory of the season was beating Notre Dame on the road back on Oct. 2. They also defeated Houston (11-2) in the AAC title game last weekend.

Herbstreit, an ESPN analyst, shot down Twitter followers who tried to challenge his take that there can be no more whining.

Herbstreit makes a valid point. No one is actually longing to keep schools from particular conferences out of the CFP. It’s true that the committee has made some obvious blunders, and there is no doubt the Playoff could use some serious expanding.

But the bottom line is the Cincinnati Bearcats won every game they played this season and probably deserve a shot. As Herbstreit pointed out, you can no longer say anyone refused to give them one.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. Agree with the tweet above that if Okie State had punched it in for the score they would’ve been the 4th seed. Basically the only chance a team like Cincy has is to go undefeated and hope that majority of teams from power conferences have 2 losses, which is what happened this year (only Alabama, Michigan and Georgia had 1 loss).

  2. Cincy’s W at South Bend (and that being ND’s only L) meant twice as much as their other 12 W’s over Group5 opponents combined. Was the ND W an anomaly? … UCF did not have such a signature W on their record when they went undefeated.

    IF Alabama whups Cincy decisively does it devalue Cincy’s season? … since Alabama also whupped UGA decisively ????

  3. Lol.. Finally all the cards fall in the right place in order for a group of 5 team to make the playoff and dude wants to act like this is proof the CFP committee isn’t fucked off.. Surprised they didn’t find a way to put Ohio St in again.

  4. Herbstreit is better than this. He knows full well that if Oklahoma State scores on that 4th down play, the committee kicks Cincinnati out and confirms all of the “conspiracy” theories. It took a perfect storm to get Cincinnati into the #4 spot. This in no way means that the Group of 5 now has an open door to the playoff. Not by a long shot.

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