Kirk Cousins Briefly Forgets What Team He Plays For, Throws Perfect Pass Directly To DB For Truly Embarrassing Interception

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Kirk Cousins is one of the most interesting case studies in the NFL. The Vikings quarterback always seems to play extremely well right until you start to believe that this is the year he takes his team to the next level.

And then, out of nowhere, he plays terribly. That was the case again on Sunday.

Through the first eight games of 2022, Cousins was on a roll and quickly became one of the cooler quarterbacks in the league. It was bizarre. Where everybody loved to clown him before, the pendulum swung in the complete opposite direction and he was celebrated across the NFL by players, fans and the media.

Cousins completed about 65% of his passes for 1,999 yards and 13 touchdowns in the first eight games. More importantly, Minnesota was 7-1.

That all came crumbling down as the Vikings traveled east to Buffalo. Cousins could not find his groove and threw two interceptions in the first 33 minutes of play.

The second of the two picks was really, really awful. It looked like Cousins forgot that that he played for the team wearing purple and gold. He threw a perfect pass right into the arms of Bills defensive back Dane Jackson, who was standing by himself on the sideline with no one else around.

It was not like Jackson made a great play to pull the ball away from a receiver. No. He literally just stood there as Cousins threw him the ball.

Adam Thielen, the only receiver that was anywhere near Kirk Cousins’ pass, was a good five yards away from Jackson. It wasn’t even close.

Perhaps Cousins though that Thielen was going to break back inside. Perhaps he was trying to lead his receiver on his route.

More than likely, Cousins either didn’t see Jackson in coverage or thought that he was playing for the other team. It doesn’t make any sense. It was terrible.

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