Kirk Cousins Offers Up Brutal Comparison For Taking Hits In The NFL

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The NFL is violent, and while the game has changed to better protect the position, quarterbacks take a beating each and every game. Minnesota Vikings signal caller Kirk Cousins knows a thing or two about taking hits and offered up a brutally honest comparison about what it’s like taking shots each week.


Cousins, who has taken the fourth-most sacks of any QB this season (30), likens each game to enduring a car accident.

“I thought Cousins took some brutal hits today. But he said: ‘You check yourself after each one and I was good. I was clean.'” Noting that, “He likens each game to a car accident, and described the week between them: ‘You get put back together and then you get ready for the next car accident.'”

Just like every car accident, each hit that a QB takes is different, so it’s a spot-on comparison from the Vikings’ quarterback.

Kirk Cousins says he suffers a ‘car accident’ each week in the NFL. (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Cousins has been sacked at least once in every game this season and was taken down twice against the New York Jets on Sunday. He was sacked a season-high seven times against the Dallas Cowboys last month in what was a 40-3 blowout loss.

Despite taking a few hits against the Jets, Cousins was able to lead Minnesota to a 27-22 home win on Sunday afternoon. The 34-year-old threw for 173 yards, a touchdown, and zero interceptions.

The next ‘car accident’ Cousins will have to endure will take place in Detroit this weekend when the Vikings play visitor to the Lions.

Written by Mark Harris

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