France’s Kingsley Coman Subject To Racist Abuse Following Penalty Kick Miss At World Cup

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France trailed Argentina 2-0 when Kingsley Coman replaced Antoine Griezmann in the 71st minute of the World Cup final on Sunday. The pacy winger provided a noticeable spark to the French side and played a role in tying the match 2-2 just 10 minutes after running onto the pitch.


Despite the positive impact he had on the all-time great match, Coman had his penalty kick saved in Argentina’s eventual victory. Aurelien Tchouameni also missed his penalty kick, and the two black players were subject to racist abuse following the loss.

Both players’ Instagram accounts were flooded with monkey and ape emojis just moments after the loss. Tchouameni reportedly disabled his Instagram account for a brief time following the racist comments.

Bayern Munich, Coman’s club team, shared a tweet on Monday morning addressing the racist comments:

Unfortunately, racist abuse is nothing new in the world of soccer. Players are subject to racist and derogatory comments both on the international and club stage. The Premier League, for example, launched a No Room For Racism campaign in February of 2021.

The Kingsley Coman situation is very similar to Bukayo Saka’s. He was on the receiving end of racist comments as well after missing a penalty kick during England’s loss in the Euro 2020 final.

France superstar Kylian Mbappe, who scored a hat trick in France’s loss to Argentina, was subject to racist abuse in Euro 2020 as well after missing a penalty kick in a loss to Switzerland.

Meanwhile, while France’s black players are actually receiving racist abuse, The Washington Post wants to know why there weren’t any black players on Argentina’s 26-man squad for the World Cup.

Argentina has a population of just under 46 million people, with under 150,000 of those residents being black.

There is no room for the ridiculous racism that Kingsley Coman and Aurelien Tchouameni have been subjected to. There is also no room for manufactured racism by journalists like the fabricated story the Washington Post generated about Argentina.

Written by Mark Harris

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  1. Europeans think they are our moral betters and condemn the US as irredeemably racist. Funny, you rarely see such overt racism here but it is a common occurrence there, especially in the soccer world. In other words, like most leftists Euros are projecting and are the real racists. The examples given on their SM is real actual racism, not the fake kind American Marxists like to gin up. The last paragraph is perfect.

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