Former Baylor Players Upset At Kim Mulkey Refusing To Comment On Brittney Griner Situation

Kim Mulkey has not commented on the Brittney Griner situation since her former player was detained in Russia, and that has some of her former Baylor players very upset.

Before becoming the head women’s basketball coach at LSU, Mulkey spent 21 seasons as the head coach at Baylor. Mulkey coached Griner from 2009 to 2013 and pushed the Griner-led Bears to a 40-0 run to a national title in 2012.


Given the fact that she spent years coaching and being around Griner, most people have assumed Mulkey would at the very least offer her some words of support after being sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison. That hasn’t been the case, however.

While speaking with the media on Monday, a reporter for The Daily Advertiser mentioned they hadn’t seen any past comments from Mulkey about Griner, to which Mulkey responded by saying “and you won’t.”

Queen Egbo and Chloe Jackson, who both played under Mulkey at Baylor, called out their former head coach on Twitter after she continued to offer no comment on Griner.

Jackson and Egbo being upset that Mulkey hasn’t commented on the Griner situation isn’t a surprise. After all, we’re living in the year 2022, where statements mean more than action.

In reality, Mulkey could have issued a statement every single day showing support for Griner since her arrest in February, but her comments aren’t going to change the fact that Griner is currently looking at nine years in a Russian prison.

Mulkey has been criticized for having conservative values and alleged unacceptance of the LGBTQ community. Her not offering a comment about a former player breaking the law in a foreign country is an opportunity for her critics to pile on yet again.

Written by Mark Harris

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