Kim Kardashian Is Booed At Rams Game; John Legend, Steve get Mehs

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Sometimes, after you’ve lost all hope for the future of humanity, along comes a moment that lets you know there’s still good in this world. Like today, when Kim Kardashian got a massive, foundation-shaking boo the Los Angeles Rams faithful.

During the Rams-Cowboys fame, Kardashian appeared on the SoFi Stadium jumbotron and was booed into oblivion.

What made the Kardashian booing even better is that “Steve” β€” some completely random dude β€” and John Legend, got indifferent smatterings of applause.

Although, if John legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen were there, he would have gotten some collateral boos.

She’s the worst.

It makes you feel good that even though we’re so divided. People can still come together for a common good: booing a Kardashian.

The real winner in this whole thing is “Steve.” That guy showed up to cheer on his Rams and wound up with a story he’ll someday tell his grandkids.

“I was at SoFi Stadium, back in ’22. They showed me on a Jumbotron and I got a bigger cheer than Kim Kardashian… who’s she? She’s now the US ambassador to the UN (remember this is “Steve talking to his grandkids in the future).”

Los Angles sometimes gets a bad rep as a sports town, and while a lot of that is deserved. It’s nice to see them giving it to Kardashian like she plays quarterback for the Broncos.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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    • Legend is a bigger bucket of slime than Kardashian. He makes no bone about hating anyone who voted for Trump. if i hear a song of his about to play, I immediately change the station. True, his wife should be a ride at Disney World, but he takes the cake as a Master of Dicktitude.

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