Kim Jong Un Gained A Bunch Of Weight, Spies Say He Weighs 308 Pounds

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Spies keeping an eye on North Korea have noticed a change. Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has gotten fatter.

Seoul’s National Intelligence Service gave an update on Kim Wednesday, saying they are “intensely” monitoring his health.

Yoo Sang-bum, a member of South Korea’s parliamentary intelligence committee at the briefing, said Kim appeared to gain all of his weight back from 2021, when he lost nearly 50 pounds.

“Kim appears to have gained back all of it and more, the spies estimated, citing artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of recent pics,” reports the New York Post.

Keep in mind, Kim is about 5 feet 8. He looks like a balloon.

Le dictateur nord-coréen Kim Jong-un lors de l’inauguration des travaux pour la construction de l’hôpital général de Pyongyang le 17 mars 2020, Corée du Nord. (Photo by API/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

The intelligence service further described Kim as falling into a “vicious cycle” of relying on boozing and smoking, fueling “significant sleep disorders.” And say he hoards U.S. imports like Marlboro cigarettes.

No surprise there.

Former CIA officer Jung H. Pak thoroughly documented Kim’s unhealthy lifestyle in the acclaimed 2020 title “Becoming Kim Jong Un.”

Picture an obese insomniac tyrant. That’s Kim.

“He appeared tired with clear dark circles around his eyes during his public appearance on May 16,” the intelligence committee member further explained.

Kim also had “scratches and bruises around his arms” at the sighting, which lawmakers say was the result of “stress-induced dermatitis.”

Kim Jong Un’s health has been of interest since his ascension in 2011 as a succession plan remains unclear.

Details on his personal life are limited. But reports in 2020 said Kim underwent a cardiovascular procedure, which North Korea and its state-run media would never confirm.

South Korea believes he has three children and that one is a son, but claims it lacks “concrete evidence” to say for certain.

If not, and something were to happen to Kim, officials believe his sister Kim Yo-jong would succeed him.

Kim Yo-jong is said to be as ruthless as her brother. Though not as chubby.

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  1. I don’t think he’s the power there. It’s either the sister, the military or a combination of both. He’s just useful. Why would a guy who had a western education and is obsessed with the NBA and food/drink/smokes, have an interest in lording over that shithole of a country? The only development index exists in the capital. What does he do all day? Where does he go on vacation? etc. He probably is holed up in Pyongyang all day every day and spends his free time eating.

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