Kia Soul Is Launched Into Orbit After Hitting A Truck Tire On A California Highway

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A viral video of a Kia Soul being launched airborne on a California highway has people wondering if they’re watching footage from an upcoming Hollywood action movie.

Is this some sort of new “Fast and Furious” movie scene? Absolutely not, according to the California Highway Patrol. Police say a Kia Soul was sent into orbit Thursday after hitting a truck tire on a highway in Chatsworth, California and it’s 100% the real deal. Footage of the wreck has now been watched 10 million times on Twitter.

The footage, which comes from Testla driver Anoop Khatra, who was behind the Soul, shows the moment the truck loses its front left tire which rolls into the path of the Soul and leading to the viral video.

Before digging into the launch content, rest easy, the Soul driver suffered minor injuries. Everything is OK, here.

A Kia Soul was launched airborne after hitting a tire off a pickup truck traveling on a California highway. / Twitter @Anoop_Khatra
The Kia Soul hits the truck’s tire and it’s game on. / Twitter @Anoop_Khatra
A Tesla driving behind the Kia Soul captures the moment the car goes airborne and looks like something generated by a computer for a movie. / Twitter @Anoop_Khatra

KABC-Los Angeles reports that sheared-off lugnuts are being blamed for the tire coming loose and causing the accident.

Khatra tweeted over the weekend that the driver walked away from the incident.

The California Highway Patrol reports the Kia Soul driver suffered minor injuries after the crazy crash. / Twitter @Anoop_Khatra
That wasn’t a movie scene. It was real life on a California highway. / Twitter @Anoop_Khatra

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