Khabib Sums Up Current Conor McGregor: ‘This Guy Is A Bag Of Shit’

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Conor McGregor‘s future is clear to Khabib Nurmagomedov — The Notorious is done in the UFC.

Nurmagomedov, who retired from the sport last year with a perfect record, had thoughts on McGregor’s situation following his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 on Saturday

“Money and fame show who you are,” Nurmagomedov told ESPN on Monday. “All the time we hear that money and fame change people. No. When money and fame come, these two things show who you are. And what has [McGregor] done? He punched an old guy [in a bar in 2019]. You guys can watch everything he did and understand, it’s just like Dustin said, this guy is a bag of shit.”

McGregor broke his left leg and fell to Poirier via TKO, but kept making threats even while sitting in the ring after his loss. The Notorious went as far as to call Poirier’s win “illegitimate” after surgery on Sunday.

UFC President Dana White said he didn’t like McGregor’s chirping after the fight. “I don’t like that, that’s not good,” he said. “Leave people’s family and wives and, you know, all that stuff out of it. Family has nothing to do with it.”

McGregor and his manager provided updates Sunday regarding the lightweight fighter’s surgery to repair the broken leg bones he sustained. He said he’s “feeling tremendous” and that he’ll be on crutches for six weeks and will be building back.

“I saw a lot of tweets try to support him,” Nurmagomedov said, via ESPN. “How are you gonna support this guy? When kids, young generation watch him, watch this sport? If you want to promote your fight, promote. If the MMA community is going to support this bad people, this sport is going to go in a bad way.”

McGregor clearly wants to keep fighting, White hinted at a fourth bout between him and Poirier in the future, and Poirier seems on board.

Nurmagomedov said if McGregor makes it back to the Octagon though, he doesn’t stand a chance against Poirier or whoever he goes up against with the injury he’s just sustained.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. Khabib is exactly right. Trash talk to your opponent is one thing I can barely tolerate, but McGregor is a verbal abuser, just a bully who’s only weapon now is his yap, which isn’t entertaining at all to me. White made a mistake letting him have a long leash while he makes a buck, but like Khabib said, if you support and enable bad behavior the sport will also go bad. McGregor shouldn’t be allowed to fight in mma after his insane behavior, and I’m sure the rest of the fighters resent him for that. Not good for the sport long term.

    • Trash talk and hype sell fights. Always have. They keep the interest. People want to think the fighters hate each other and want to take each other’s heads off. Nobody who is a fight fan that I’ve ever met wants to see a well executed spar; they want to see a FIGHT. From Narcissus to Ali on down to these yahoos.

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